How to Implement and What to Expect from the RLC 40-Day Church Campaign
March 14, 2019

We have many churches that ask specific questions about how to implement RLC as a 40-day church campaign. We have collected some data and a few best practices from the past in order to help you determine if RLC is right for your congregation.

What to Expect?

In 2018, 100% of pastors highly recommended RLC for future congregations to use. Churches that completed the RLC saw an average of 40% small group growth in addition to many churches seeing a rise in overall engagement (both in attendance and social media) among many other positive metrics.  In order to see this growth, we recommend churches use the RLC as a full 40-day campaign (which consists of Sunday services and preaching (we have FREE manuscripts and videos online), individuals having their own RLC workbooks, and those individuals also meeting in weekly small groups during the week (we also have FREE small group guides and FREE videos online)). In addition, the simplicity of the writing of the RLC has proven to be effective with students, both in middle school and in high school.  In addition, we have created a weekly kid’s curriculum for use in Preschool-5th grade because we believe children can and should be learning these same principles.  Churches that have seen the best results fully align their kid’s ministry, student ministry, and adult ministries for 40 days with RLC!

Church Package Discounts:

We have many church packages ready to go here with discounts of 10-40% off depending on the package size. However, if you need a different quantity or would like to do it differently than listed on that link, simply email us and we’ll give you a comparable quote.  When people get an RLC workbook, they aren’t just getting any book!  People rave about the quality of the book, and the first time you hold it, you will see that it is heavy on design, thick, unique size, and three colors.

Choosing the Right Package Size:

Churches that have done the above approach and promoted and distributed it well have seen 90% of their average weekly worship attendance buy books.  If you worship 100 on a weekend (including kids), that means you’ll sell 90 or above if you see similar results as others.  Churches have been blown away and more than 50% of churches have to reorder, pleasantly surprised at the number of churchgoers that participate.  The books are in stock and depending on the shipping method you choose could get to you in 3-7 business days.

Graphics Pre-Made:

We have tried to make this 40-day experience as turnkey as possible, so we have made available some graphics for you to use (everything from fliers to posters to social media graphics to sermon slides, etc.).  You can download, use, and edit them as much as needed.  Simply email us and let us know who to send a link to a Dropbox folder that contains so many graphics that it will save you and your team many hours of work on your end.

Weekly Kids Curriculum:

We now have this available on our website under Free Resources.  This is the curriculum that you can teach the kids on Sunday so they are learning the same main concepts as the adults.  You can see it here.

Promotion Time:

We recommend a 3-4 week lead time with books in hand.  You can use this video to help promote it.  We also believe that the best promotion comes when the lead pastor and key leaders in the congregation show their excitement in as many areas as possible (stage, pulpit, social media, etc.).

Recommended Distribution Strategies:

We have seen churches that share the cost of the workbooks with those in their church be more effective than trying to charge full price.  Some churches have found one donor or used some discipleship budget dollars to help offset the cost of the books so they could get the books to their attendees at a suggested donation of $5 or $10 which is a much better price point for most congregations.  As a pastor, if I know I can get somewhere between 20-40% more people involved for 40 days by simply investing around $5-$10 a person, I consider that a cost well worth it!  Usually by telling the congregation what the books cost, and then letting them know they are sharing the cost with them, and inviting them to give more or donate towards someone else who can’t afford most churches make up at least 80% of their initial investment, and many recoup their entire cost.

A couple of churches have actually bought more books than their average weekly worship attendance and hand-delivered a Free Red Letter Challenge book to each member of their church/school a few weeks in advance with an invite card.  As a result, their worship attendance, small groups, and offerings increased as a result of RLC so that could be a great option. Churches that have used this strategy believe that the 40 days of RLC strengthened their congregation in so many areas that their cost to do RLC was minimal compared to the long term impact it’s still having on their people.

No-Risk Refund:

We want this to be as risk-free as possible.  We offer a full refund for unused books.  All you would have to do is pay for the shipping cost back, which averages just over $1 a book through Insured Media Mail.  Out of 100 churches that have completed it thus far, less than 5% have ordered too many, and typically, it’s because they have taken a different strategy than that of listed above.

Turnkey Campaign:

Everything you would need for RLC besides the workbooks is found on our website under FREE resources.  There you can see all of the following: small group videos, small group guides, sermon manuscripts and videos, kids curriculum, promotion video, and graphics package.

Collaborate with Other Pastors/Leaders:

It’s amazing to see what others do with RLC.  Because of the creativity and excellence of churches, we started a RLC Network Facebook closed group designed for pastors and leaders to collaborate and share some best practices for RLC.  Please send an email to us and we can invite you to be a part of this network so you can learn from others.


We have extras available in our shop like Small Group DVDs, fridge magnets, wristbands, and even shirts available in our shop online.  None of these things are required but can enhance your RLC 40-day experience.  Please note, we do throw some of these things into the church packages that are ready to go for purchase here.


We would be happy to send you a recommendation from other pastor(s). We have had churches of all sizes take part in RLC.  if you’d like to talk other pastor(s), please email us and include as much detail in your inquiry, especially average weekly worship attendance, and we will send you pastor(s) to connect with so you can hear of their amazing experience with RLC.

Best Strategic Time for 40 Day Campaign

These are the 5 best times we’ve seen to launch a 40-day church campaign.

  1. Beginning of Year: You can promote heavily in December and at Christmas and build some serious momentum in the new year.
  2. 40 Days prior to Easter: Many churches will encourage people to give up something for the 40 days of Lent. We love this practice, but also, we’ve seen many churches encourage their people not just to give up something, but to start something new as well. There is nothing better to start than putting the words of Jesus into practice!
  3. 40 Days after Easter: You can promote heavily at Easter and really give your church something exciting to come back to the next week. Usually a church will have 6-8 weeks left after Easter while families are still in school and this can provide some great momentum going into the summer months.
  4. Summer: While most churches decrease in attendance in summer months, the RLC is a great opportunity to start the summer with a jump, not a slump!
  5. Fall: Weekly worship attendance is normally at its strongest in the Fall. Why not start the fall with a powerful 40-day church discipleship challenge? We encourage a start time any time after the school session is back and encourage churches to wrap up by Thanksgiving.

We know that is a lot of information but we want you to be well-informed.  If you have any questions at all, we are happy to help.  Please contact us here.  God bless you, and let’s make some effective disciples of Jesus Christ together!

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