We’ve blown up the typical, boring book and teamed up with Plain Joe Studios to create something fresh and fun.  Inside the Red Letter Challenge workbook is everything you need to go on a 40-day life-changing discipleship experience.  Unlike any other workbook, this workbook is filled with innovative exercises, engaging images, and a space to journal, scribble, and draw your discoveries.

Take a look at a few pics of the inside of the book and click on this link if are ready to buy the book, or click here for a FREE digital sample. 

The introductory sections answer all the important questions about the RLC:
-The Why Behind the RLC
-How to do the RLC
-Who the RLC is for
-How to do the RLC as a church

For 40 days, dive deep into Christ’s words and experience the life you were made for! Too many Jesus followers don’t understand what it means to follow Jesus and the RLC will help you discover practical ways to put Christ’s words into practice!

The RLC has identified 5 main principles that Jesus calls, commands, and asks His followers to complete.


The first 5 days introduce these 5 principles, then the following 5 weeks we will spend a week being with Jesus, receiving and giving away His forgiveness, serving our neighbors and communities, giving generously to the needy, and going out as Christ’s witnesses in this world.

After introducing the 5 principles, every day comes complete with a companion Bible reading and also a challenge for how to practically put Jesus’ words into practice. Feel free to take notes and journal how the RLC is going and what emotions you are experiencing putting Jesus’ words into practice!

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