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Small Group Videos

Weekly videos for your small groups to spark conversation.

Small Group Discussion Guides

Weekly guides to increase engagement and conversation in your small group sessions.

Sermon Videos

Watch videos of the Being Challenge Sermons.

Sermon Manuscripts

Being Challenge Sermon Manuscripts to help jumpstart your church

Promotional Graphics

Free premade Being Challenge social media graphics and tons of Being Challenge design elements like fonts, logos, and doodles

Kids Resources

Free Kids Curriculum, coloring pages, and discussion questions to help make the challenge come alive during weekly Kids Church Meetings

Personal Assessment

The assessment will measure how you are doing in the five targets of RLC: Being, Forgiving, Serving, Giving, and Going.

Free Being Challenge Samples

FREE 100-page book samples of Being Challenge and Being Challenge Kids
Take Spiritual Gift Test

Have you Discovered Your Unique Spiritual Gifts ?

To help you better understand more about your spiritual gifts, we offer a FREE spiritual gift test as well as brief descriptions of each spiritual gift. A spiritual gift is an “extra ability” given by the Holy Spirit to accomplish a ministry. Every Christian has at least one gift. Discover yours today!