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Reopening Christianity Ebook
General Information
What is unique about the Red Letter Challenge workbook?
Red Letter Challenge focuses on Jesus' commands to His disciples. As Pastor Zach Zehnder examined all that Jesus said to His disciples, he found five principles most important to Jesus: Being, Forgiving, Serving, Giving, and Going. We believe that helping people in these five areas will lead to incredible spiritual growth for the people in your church. For more about the RLC book, go to this link.
What is unique about the Being Challenge workbook?
Being Challenge is a book that is designed to give you targets to hit as you grow in your relationship with God. Jesus was the only person in perfect relationship with God, so the book focuses on five keystone habits that Jesus practiced and encourages its readers to know these habits and to practice them as well. For more about the BC book, go to this link.
Is Zach Zehnder available to speak at our church challenge kickoff?
Zach does offer a limited number of Sundays to help churches kickoff their 40-day church challenge. Additionally, he has presented discipleship workshops to churches as well on kickoff weekends. Fill out the Speaker Request Form with some needed information on our end and our team will get back to you.
What’s an online challenge?
An online challenge is our digital e-version of our workbooks. An online challenge is an opportunity for you to jump into one of our 40-day challenges digitally. It’ll feature a video every day and much of the same content that is covered in our workbooks. In addition, the challenges that we give each day through our workbook, will also be given through the online challenge. While we believe it is best done in 40 consecutive days, the course is designed that you could do it at your own pace. If you’d like to see a sample of the video content, click here. It will be available for purchase soon.

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