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Small Groups
Can I use the small group resources without the workbooks?
The small group resources were initially created with the intent of using them alongside the corresponding 40-day workbook, therefore, we highly recommend purchasing the workbooks to go along with it. Great news! We have a small group pack of books, along with a DVD, and wristbands already discounted and ready to go in our SHOP. Without use of the workbooks on a daily basis in the lives of the individuals of the small group, the small group study guide will have to be somewhat modified.
Where do I download the FREE resources to go with our small group challenge?
Great question. We’ve made it easy for you. For all of our FREE RLC resources that come with our small groups, please visit this link . For all of our FREE BC resources that come with our small groups, please visit this link .
What size of group is ideal for RLC Small Group studies?
We like to model after Jesus in all that we do. He had a group of 12 so that’s the ideal number we believe you should shoot for in your group.
What does it look like to be committed to an RLC small group?
Here’s the pledge we ask everyone to take on Week 1 of your small group: • I will be on time and show up with my whole heart. • I understand that this Group is 100% confidential. Whatever is shared in the Group stays in the Group. • I will respect other Group members by participating openly and speaking honestly, without dominating the discussions. • I will not try to fix people, preach a sermon, or give unsolicited advice. • When I share in the Group I will share primarily about myself and not about others. • I will trust God to work in all of us as we become more like Jesus!

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