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Inside the bestselling Red Letter Challenge workbooks, you will find everything you need to go on a 40-day, life-changing discipleship experience with Jesus. Adults and Kids can live like Jesus for 40-days by putting His literal words into practice with practical, daily challenges! Do you have what it takes to really follow Jesus and do what He said? We believe you do!

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How do you know how to become a greater follower of Jesus Christ?! The FREE Red Letter Assessment was done in partnership with Lifeway Research and is designed to help you become a greater follower of Jesus Christ by measuring how you are doing in the five key discipleship areas of RLC. Take the assessment now!
Why is Receiving God’s Forgiveness So Hard?

In anticipation of my new book Forgiving Challenge coming out in the Fall, I’m dropping several blogs to help us understand how to receive God’s forgiveness, and ultimately, be free. If you missed any of them, I’ve included links and titles at the bottom of this blog. According to LifeWay Research, even in a country […]

The Most Shocking Aspect of God’s Forgiveness

The Most Shocking Aspect of God’s Forgiveness: How God’s Absolution and Restoration Work Together to Bring Freedom Pretty much anyone agrees that forgiveness is healthy in our lives.  But what does it mean to truly be forgiven?  To forgive others?  How does God forgive us?  These are questions I have been exploring and writing about […]

This One Thing Stops So Many From Truly Being Free

Despite Jesus offering freedom to all, there are many who aren’t experiencing the full, free, and abundant life that we so often quote is available to us.  Sadly, many of those unfree people even claim to be believers in Jesus.  Why is this? Over the past year I’ve had the privilege to really dive deep […]

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