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Inside the bestselling Red Letter Challenge workbooks, you will find everything you need to go on a 40-day, life-changing discipleship experience with Jesus. Adults and Kids can live like Jesus for 40-days by putting His literal words into practice with practical, daily challenges! Do you have what it takes to really follow Jesus and do what He said? We believe you do!

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Red Letter Assessment
How do you know how to become a greater follower of Jesus Christ?! The FREE Red Letter Assessment was done in partnership with Lifeway Research and is designed to help you become a greater follower of Jesus Christ by measuring how you are doing in the five key discipleship areas of RLC. Take the assessment now!
3 Things Pastors Should Stop Apologizing For

Congratulations pastors and church leaders!  You made it through Easter!  This is no small accomplishment! If you are like me you experience a wonderful joy from the weekend Easter experience, but then, only one day later, Monday, reality looms that the next Sunday is only 6 days away.  In fact, in my experience, the Monday […]

The 4 Whispers of God that Pastors Must Declare!

In the middle of the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter Sunday, many use this time of the year to practice self-examination.  The best examination of yourself comes when you view who you are in light of who God says you are. On a particular Monday morning during my solitude with God, He […]

The 4 Uncelebrated Traits of Highly Effective Pastors

In the course of the last year, as church buildings began to close, as crowds that came back to worship were diminished, and as mental unhealth of pastors was skyrocketing at never before documented levels, I began to wonder if there aren’t deeper characteristics of pastoral leadership that no one is talking about. Pastors are […]

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