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Fill out your information and we will send you an invoice for  payment so you can officially lock in your First Wave pricing! 

  • Join by end of April: $15/book for 50 books or more. 
  • Join by end of May: $16/book for 50 books or more
  • Join by end of June: $17/book for 50 books or more
  • Join by end of July: $18/book for 50 books or more

Included in every 50 books are also 50 FREE wristbands and one FREE t-shirt. Retail on new 40-day books will be $25 each so joining in April, including the FREE stuff, is 45+% off the retail price. 

Also included starting in April are first looks updates twice a month, a FREE Zoom with Zach for your church staff or leadership, and a FREE personalized video with Zach. Other surprises will be coming too!

*If it doesn’t work in your church calendar to launch this Fall but you would like to get materials at the first wave prices that is perfectly acceptable. If you have plans to do this in New Year or Lent 2024 you can agree to first wave pricing. Your agreement and payment will help us offset all of the expenses to launch this project and we’d be extremely grateful for your upfront payment.

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