How to Steward our Smartphones for God’s Glory | How do I use my smartphone? | Sermon | Zach Zehnder

Our world looks so different than it did just one generation ago. The smartphones that most people have today have 7 million times more memory and are 100,000 times faster than the computer that landed a man on the moon just 50 years ago. With such a powerful machine, we must understand how to use it for good and not for evil. How do we effectively steward this device with entertainment at our fingertips and social media dictating so much in this world? Because of how important communication is, if we get this right, the Gospel of Jesus could spread more fruitfully than at any time in the history of the world. Genesis 11:1-9 #redletterchallenge #redletterliving #kingofkingsomaha #kokomaha #omaha #terrificservantsterriblemasters

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