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Being Challenge Workbook

Being Challenge is a 40-day adventure that will challenge you to practice the 5 keystone habits of Jesus Christ.  Ultimately, by being more like Jesus, you will grow in your relationship with God.

Retail Price:$19.99 each (before discount)

Being Challenge Kids Workbook

Being Challenge Kids shows that you can strive to be more like Jesus, no matter what your age. This creative, 40-day challenge takes aim at 5 key habits that Jesus practiced in His life.

Retail Price:$19.99 each (before discount)



Bundle and SAVE with bulk discounts on your Being Challenge Workbooks! 

BC is a 40-day challenge that is best done in community.  Grab a small group or complete the challenge with your whole church.  To see what others are saying about the 40-day church challenge, go HERE!

In addition to the books, make your BC experience even greater!  Check out our discounted BC SWAG bundle including Small Group DVDs, Wristbands, Window Decals, & Shirts below or click HERE

Along with the books, there are tons of FREE resources available, including Small Group Guides, Small Group Videos, Sermon Manuscripts, Sermon Videos, Kids Weekly Curriculum, and Graphics Package – HERE!

Not sure about how to launch a 40-day church challenge?  Check out author Zach Zehnder’s videos HERE that will walk you through best practices.  

YES, we ship internationally! Email for more info.


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