Day 29

As we explore the 5 keystone habits of Jesus to help us grow in our relationship with God, today we focus on the fourth keystone habit: seeking solitude. • Today’s key thought: We say “Yes” to so many good things in lives that sometimes we don’t have room for the best, which is God. Solitude helps bring focus in a world that can be very distracting. • Challenge for the Day: Below is a list of good things that could become distractions for us. Which three things in the list below have the opportunity to be the biggest distractions for you. • Phones • Friends • Internet • Social Media • Email • Texts • Meetings • TV • Music/Movies • Sports JOIN US for the Online BEING Challenge! Facebook & Instagram | @RedLetterChallenge Twitter | RLC_40 • • #RedLetterChallenge #BEINGChallenge