Day 8

As we explore the 5 keystone habits of Jesus to help us grow in our relationship with God, today we focus on the first keystone habit: committing to community. Today’s Key Thought: there may be no more important predictor of “future you” than the community of “current you.” As we look to instill the keystone habits of Jesus in our lives, it’s imperative our community and environment around us supports us in becoming the people God is calling us to be. • Challenge for the Day: Read Mark 2:1-12 and then list 3 things you want to true of “future you” ten years from now. Look at the community of “current you” and of the top 12 that are most influential in your life, note which ones will point you in the right direction of becoming who God is calling you to be. If you have a hard time finding a few of your closest friends pointing you in the right direction consider who else in your life do you know that could help you become a greater follower of Jesus. • JOIN US for the Online BEING Challenge! Facebook & Instagram | @RedLetterChallenge Twitter | RLC_40 • • #RedLetterChallenge #BEINGChallenge


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