The Red Letter Disciple Episode 11

011: Danielle Strickland on The Secret to Discipleship

Danielle Strickland wakes up every morning determining to embrace love. She isn’t afraid to question long-time practices such as church buildings, ordination, and the addiction problems in our world today. Finally, don’t miss her battle to be the greatest Star Wars fan ever!

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

ORU Chapel 2020: “The Discipleship Secret” by Danielle Strickland

Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love by Helen Fisher 

Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps by Richard Rohr  

Recovering (Pastoring for Life: Theological Wisdom for Ministering Well): From Brokenness and Addiction to Blessedness and Community by Aaron White 

The Other Side of Hope: Flipping the Script on Cynicism and Despair and Rediscovering our Humanity by Danielle Strickland


Altogether You: Experiencing personal and spiritual transformation with Internal Family Systems therapy by Jenna Ricemar


Women Speakers Collective

Key insights from the episode:

We overcomplicate things we don’t want to do. – Danielle Strickland

The opposite of pleasure is duty, not pain.  – Danielle Strickland

Serving people out of obligation is soul-destroying. – Danielle Strickland

When I move away from love, I move into obligation, safety, and disconnection. – Danielle Strickland

I think that the discipleship secret is not that we arrive at love and stay there, but that we keep moving towards love.Danielle Strickland

I want to fall in love with Jesus again today. – Danielle Strickland

Anything that prevents people from encountering God needs to go.Danielle Strickland

What did Jesus do that made him so safe that a woman felt so safe and wasn’t concerned about being abused? That is a worthwhile study.Danielle Strickland

I think the number one problem with anything we do, the anti-discipleship posture, is “me-centered”. It can look like arrogance, but it can also look like insecurity. – Danielle Strickland

Danielle Strickland’s 5 tips for public speaking: 1) authenticity, 2) connection over performance, 3) don’t write it out, talk it out 4) posture of curiosity over judgment 5) answer the question, “So what?” – Danielle Strickland

Danielle’s Challenge of the Week: Connect with another person to walk with you in your faith. 

Lead yourself (and your church) to become greater followers of Jesus. Red Letter Challenge

For so many Christians, the discipleship process isn’t very clear.

They know they need to go to church, pray, not sin, and maybe attend a small group. While these are great things, they don’t outline a clear path leading people to live more like Jesus. 

We’d love to introduce you to the 40-Day Red Letter Challenge.

When you and your church take the challenge, you’ll have a clear 40-day discipleship path that will help you master five key areas of discipleship.

You can learn more about the challenge here!

Some not-so-key insights:

Danielle calls her husband the minister of propaganda. 

Danielle is a self-proclaimed ambassador of fun. 

Bobby Ray’s song I Can’t Make You Love Me is the song Danielle pictures God singing to us. 

Yoda was 900 years old when he died.

Vador’s chest has Hebrew written on it.

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