Forgiving Challenge

Discover what real freedom is like as we explore the powerful forgiveness that Jesus offers to each and every person, including you!

Be Forgiven. Be Free.

Live with Grace.

Experience Fulfillment in Jesus

The 40-day Forgiving Challenge for small group bible study.

A Forgiven Person is a Forgiving Person

Forgiving Challenge takes you on a life-changing journey to experience the gift of God’s grace so that you can share it with others. The forgiveness that Jesus has already won for you assures you of eternal life with Him. It also offers you an opportunity to live with purpose today. So come. Be forgiven. Be free. And watch how God works through you to change the world.

Forgiving Challenge is for Every Ministry

Discover God’s grace in a new way through challenges that are practical but to the point. Memorable phases and daily challenges will help you gain momentum and experience freedom.

Kids and students need forgiveness too. In a world where anger, hatred, and division are all rising, the forgiveness of Jesus has never more been needed. Help your child learn about forgiveness in these faith-formative years.

Unify your church. Grow your small groups. Discover freedom together. Start a movement with done-for-you resources and join the hundreds of churches that have seen proven results in Jesus-centered 40-Day Challenges.

Discover the 5 Phases Leading to Freedom​


Phase 1: Sin​

Experiencing freedom starts by acknowledging that we have all missed the mark.

Phase 2: Confession

It’s what we do after sin that determines whether we experience freedom. God invites us to bring our sin to Him.

Phase 3: Absolution​

Discover how the consequence of every sin of every person, including yours, has been paid for in full by the blood of Jesus.​

Phase 4: Restoration​

The forgiveness of Jesus moves us forward by restoring our identity and inviting us to live with purpose.​

Phase 5: Sanctification​

True freedom comes when we participate with Jesus in bringing His kingdom to this Earth right now. Follow Jesus!​

How is Forgiving Challenge Different?​

Far more people struggle with reconciling their own mistakes than forgiving others. While we ought always to excel in being gracious to others, Forgiving Challenge is unique because it leads its readers on a personal journey to truly understand and receive God’s forgiveness. Also, we are invited to then live out of the forgiveness that Jesus has already won for us. A forgiven person is a forgiving person.

1000+ Churches Stat

1000+ Churches have completed a
40-day challenge

250,000K books sold and lives impacted

250,000+ People have completed
a 40-day challenge

40-day challenges have been completed in 46 States and 7 countries

How it works

Buy the Book

As an individual or church, commit to reading the devotions and complete the challenges to help you forgive like Jesus. A great book for a sermon series or bible study, it's up to you how you want to use it.

Live in Freedom

After the challenge is complete, you’ll have a greater understanding of God’s grace. You’ll become a conduit of God’s grace to others as you live out of the freedom that Jesus has won for you.

Join Jesus on the Journey

Forgiving Challenge helps you understand what real forgiveness is by diving into how Jesus forgives Peter. Inside the 40 days, you’ll find practical, daily challenges to help walk you through the beautiful gift of God’s grace for you.

What Church Leaders are Saying

“The latest in the RLC series tackles the tough subject of forgiveness, and it delivers!  Want to get you and your church to forgive themselves and each other? Take the Forgiving Challenge!”

Rusty George

Lead Pastor, Real Life Church, Valencia, CA, Author of After Amen

40 Days Changes Everything

Be Forgiven by Jesus

Focused on a personal journey leading you through 5 Phases Leading to Freedom, Forgiving Challenge will help give you freedom from your sin and freedom to a life of meaning and impact.

Take Practical,
Daily Challenges

Every day, Forgiving Challenge presents you with a new challenge that will stretch and grow you on your journey.

Life Change in 40 Days

You’ll be joining thousands of individuals and hundreds of churches who have grown closer to God and experienced freedom through this 40-day challenge.

Forgiving Challenge Church pack

Church Packs

More than just a book, Forgiving Challenge is a perfect 40-day church campaign. From 10 people to churches with 1,500+ we have church packs to fit every size. Find out what’s included and what’s right for you!

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