Personal Assessment

The RLC Assessment was done in partnership with LifeWay Research and is designed to measure how you are doing in the five targets of RLC. It’s our hope that this assessment will help you identify your spiritual gifts and talents, build them into strength areas, and that you would use them to make a difference both in the church and in the world.

The RLC Assessment was not created to be a gauge of someone’s worth, merit, or effort. It was created to be a tool by which a disciple can use as a mirror for self-reflection, a ruler for measuring progress in the Christian life, and a curb to create life boundaries for one’s Christian journey. The RLC Assessment was meant to challenge individuals to become greater followers of Jesus.  

After the assessment is completed, you will be provided a practical analysis  that will challenge you to become the greatest follower of Jesus that you can be! This is a tool we are excited to offer for FREE to benefit you!

What is the Red Letter Assessment?

Red Letter Challenge (RLC) was never intended to be a book that lasted just 40 days, but it was written with the intent to challenge and help you in your pursuit to follow Jesus. We believe it is important for disciples to pursue Jesus Christ and to do all that He asked and commanded. In Matthew 28:19-20, what’s known as the Great Commission, there is a piece of that verse that is often ignored. Part of our responsibility, from the mouth of Jesus Himself, is to “teach people to obey all that I have commanded you.”

Therefore, we did an extensive study of everything that Jesus commanded us and located five key principles or targets that Jesus invites His followers into. We believe that when you are growing in these five areas you are becoming a greater follower of Jesus!

The five targets are Being, Forgiving, Serving, Giving and Going.

Thank you!!

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