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Free Resources

Red Letter Living creates churchwide resources that are simple to understand, challenging in concept, highly practical, but always squarely aimed at Jesus.

40-day Challenge Resources

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Along with our challenges come professional, pre-made graphics, small group Bible study resources, sermon resources, and kid curriculums that help create a complete sermon series.

Red Letter Living 40-day Challenges and Discipleship Challenges

Red Letter Challenge & Red Letter Kids Resources

Red Letter Living 40-day Being Challenges and 40-Day Discipleship Challenges

Being Challenge & Being Challenge Kids Resources

Forgiving Challenge & Forgiving Challenge Kids Resources

Serving-All-Books-2 (1)

Serving Challenge & Serving Challenge Kids Resources

Reopening Christianity Resources

Additional Small Group Bible Free Resources

In addition to book resources we also have several sources that challenge every person  to become a greater follower of Jesus Christ.

Personal Assessment

Red Letter Disciple Podcast

Bible Plans

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