Truly Follow Jesus

Our 40-day Challenges will invite you to follow Jesus, the single greatest opportunity of our lifetime.

Daily Challenges


Discipleship Driven

You shouldn't have to reinvent discipleship.

Red Letter Living creates books that challenge everyone to live like Jesus for 40-days by putting His literal words into practice. Do you have what it takes to really follow Jesus and do what He said? We believe you do!

How it Works

Choose Your Challenge

Choose the discipleship challenge that best fits for your needs. We suggest starting with Red Letter Challenge.

Follow the Plan

The book is laid out to be easy to read and follow.  Each day features only a few minutes of reading.  After the introductory days, a daily challenge will also be issued to put what you’ve read into practice.

Live Like Jesus

Focus on Jesus, not the little details. When you are able to do this, you’ll be freed up to walk daily with Jesus. 

Why Read Our 40-Day Church Challenges?


Jesus is the greatest disciple-maker in the world. Putting His words into practice helps people of all ages find the life God designed them to live. By staying focused on Jesus and the simple command to “hear and do” His words, we ensure a unifying experience for the whole church from beginning to end.

Practical Daily Challenges For Everyone

Everyone is personally invited to follow Jesus. Our challenges offer practical, clear, yet challenging next steps to help people of all ages and walks of life to grow their faith. Watch momentum, energy, and excitement build in your church as the entire church encourages and supports one another in their pursuit to follow Jesus

Discipleship Driven

Christians can have good intentions all day long, but intentions without precise aim at exactly the one we are trying to be like, Jesus, will always lead to unintended consequences. God has been gracious to all, and being compelled by that grace, we believe that following Jesus is the single greatest opportunity of our lifetime!

The Challenges

Comprehensive Church Packs designed to guide churches or small groups of all sizes through a life-changing 40-day journey.  You can choose any 40-day challenge to start. However, if this is your first time launching a 40-day challenge with your congregation or small group, we suggest starting with Red Letter Challenge. Then, move on to Being Challenge and Forgiving Challenge after that.

Red Letter Challenge Church Bundle

Red Letter Challenge & Red Letter Challenge Kids

Being Challenge &
Being Challenge Kids

Forgiving Challenge Bundle

Forgiving Challenge &
Forgiving Challenge Kids

Serving Challenge &
Serving Challenge Kids

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