Serve Like Jesus

Take the 40-Day Serving Challenge designed to lead you to more personal fulfillment than you ever thought possible.

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To Serve for Jesus

To Serve with Jesus

To Serve Like Jesus

You were made for more than just believing and existing until you die. You were made to serve.

If Jesus offers a full and abundant life, then why does it feel as if words like burnout, exhaustion, anger, loneliness, unhappiness, and anxiety are winning the day? Something feels very off.

A full and abundant life results in purpose, meaning, fulfillment, joy, and happiness. What are we missing?

Red Letter Challenge is for Every Ministry

Individual Ministry

Find fulfillment and purpose through Bible study challenges that are simple in concept, but challenging in practice. 

Kids Ministry

The invitation to follow Jesus is for kids too. RLC will help your child learn discipleship targets in these faith-formative years that will develop them into great followers of Jesus!

Red Letter Challenge | Your Trusted Source for Bible Studies & Books

Grow your church. Grow your Bible study or small groups. Unify around the words of Jesus. Start a movement with done-for-you resources and join the hundreds of churches who have seen God work powerfully through RLC.

Serving Challenge is for Every Ministry

Find fulfillment and purpose through challenges that are simple and practical. Memorable targets and daily challenges will help you gain momentum.

Serving Challenge will help lead you to more personal fulfillment than you ever thought possible.

Grow your church. Grow your small groups. Unify around the 5 aspects of Serving like Jesus. Implement this sermon series, like over 1000 churches have done before, and celebrate life-changing fulfillment.

Discover the 5 Aspects of Serving Like Jesus

Attitude Icon

Aspect 1: Attitude

Jesus served us because He so loves us. Just as His attitude shaped how He served us, so too, does our attitude shape how we serve others.

Availability Icon

Aspect 2: Availability

Jesus made Himself available to us by leaving His throne in heaven to come down into this world.

Action Icon

Aspect 3: Action

It’s one thing to think and strategize about serving. But, to truly serve like Jesus, is a call to action that often requires losing so that others win.

Ability Icon

Aspect 4: Ability

You do not have the ability, like Jesus, to save people from their sins. However, you are uniquely wired and gifted.

Ambition Icon

Aspect 5: Ambition

Our ultimate ambition in life is to serve and glorify God. We do not serve to make our name great, but to make His name great.

How is Serving Challenge Different?

The opportunity to serve like Jesus will come with a significant cost. It will mean sacrificing, require losing, and be full of challenges. But, despite all the costs, when you serve like Jesus, you will find true fulfillment, joy, happiness, and great reward. So, will you become a servant of Jesus? Will you follow the Way of Jesus?

1000+ Churches Stat

1000+ Churches have completed a
40-day challenge

200,000+ People have completed
a 40-day challenge

40-day challenges have been completed in 46 States and 7 countries

How it works

Buy the Book

As an individual or church, commit to reading the devotions and complete the challenges to help you be more like Jesus. A great book for a sermon series or bible study, it's up to you how you want to use it.

Join Jesus on the Journey

Serving Challenge guides you through 40 days of practical, simple-to-understand, challenges to help you learn, develop, and grow in the 5 aspects of serving like Jesus.

Live a full and abundant life

After the challenge is completed, you will have gained a greater understanding of serving like Jesus, which is designed to lead you to more personal fulfillment than you ever thought possible.

What’s Different about Red Letter Challenge?

We know what it’s like to live in this world, to have success and still feel empty, still longing for something more. Red Letter Challenge offers practical habits and behaviors for Christian living and we keep the language simple. Whether you join a 40-day challenge as an individual or a church, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the ways of Jesus and discover purpose and fulfillment in the journey.

Churches have completed a 40-day challenge​

People have completed
a 40-day challenge

States, 7 countries, and growing!

What Church Leaders are Saying​

Red Letter Challenge | Your Trusted Source for Bible Studies & Books

“In an era where people are struggling with discipleship, diving into the words of Jesus is one of the best things you can do. I love how Red Letter Challenge makes it easy to get an entire church diving deeper into the teachings of Christ.”

Carey Nieuwhof

Founding Pastor of Connexus Church, Author and Speaker

“Leading churches are using campaigns to increase engagement in their community. Red Letter Challenge is not only a plug and play campaign to help your church gain a better insight into the teaching of Jesus but it will also help your church grow because of deeper engagement!”

Rich Birch

Founder of unSeminary, Author, Speaker

Red Letter Challenge | Your Trusted Source for Bible Studies & Books

“If you feel like you were made for something more or if you are tired of checking religious boxes, the Red Letter Challenge is for you! By challenging people to go back to the good news message of Jesus, I truly believe this will help you find the life you were made for.”

Mike Foster

40 Days Changes Everything

Live Like Jesus

Focused on five key discipleship areas, Red Letter Challenge guides you through His words as you become a greater follower of Jesus Christ.

Take Practical,
Daily Challenges

Every day, RLC presents you with a new challenge that will stretch and grow you on your journey.

Life Change in 40 Days

You’ll be joining thousands of individuals and hundreds of churches who have grown closer to God and strengthened their faith through this 40-day challenge.

Church Packs

More than just a book, Red Letter Challenge is a perfect 40-day church campaign. From 10 people to churches with 1,500+ we have church packs to fit every size. Find out what’s included and what’s right for you!

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