Take the Next Step with Confidence

Thousands of individuals and hundreds of churches have taken on one of our
40-day discipleship Challenges
and are living lives more fully in step with Jesus.

The Challenges

40-Day Challenges that Reignite Your Faith Journey

In just 40 days, your story could completely change. It starts by living a life like Jesus and doing what He says. Start your journey today.

The original RLC is a journey with Jesus’ words. Inside the bestselling Red Letter Challenge book is everything adults, youth, and kids need to go on a 40-day life-changing discipleship experience with Jesus.

Inside the Being Challenge book is everything you need to go on a 40-day life-changing journey to BE like Jesus. Along the way, you will learn and be challenged to practice the 5 keystone habits of Jesus.

Forgiveness can be challenging, but when you receive forgiveness the way Jesus intends, you enjoy a feeling of true freedom. The 40-day forgiving challenge focuses on 5 phases: sin, confession, absolution, restoration, and sanctification.

Why does it feel as if words like burnout, exhaustion, anger, loneliness, unhappiness, and anxiety are winning the day?  The 40-day Serving Challenge is designed to lead you to more fulfillment than you ever thought possible.


All Ministries

Following Jesus is for everyone, so we’ve created resources that are perfect for kids, youth groups, individual adults, small groups, and entire congregations. Choose a path that’s right for you.

Our challenges are designed to be personal encounters with Jesus. If you’ve felt the call to grow closer to Jesus, buy a book and start today!

We’ve invested in building age-appropriate content that will connect with and energize the next generation.

Our challenge books and resources have everything you need to increase engagement in your small groups, and go on a life-changing discipleship journey with Jesus.

RLC has created comprehensive churchwide challenge kits that include EVERYTHING you need to launch and complete a 40-day challenge with your church.

How to Launch a 40-Day Challenge

Below are a few videos to help you launch a successful churchwide campaign.

Video 1 | Why Launch a 40-Day Church Challenge?

Video 2 | How do we Prepare for a 40-Day Challenge?

Video 3 | What are the Best Practices for a 40-Day Church Challenge?

Video 4 | How do we Promote and Distribute Materials?

Video 5 | How do we Grow our Small Groups through a 40-Day Challenge?

Video 6 | How do we Involve Youth and Kids in our 40-Day Challenge?

Video 7 | Which Church Pack is Right for our Church?

Video 8 | What is the Ordering, Shipping, and Refund Process Like?

Video 9 | What do we do when our 40-Day Challenge is Over?

Video 10 | Which 40-Day Challenge is Right for our Church?

What is Unique about Launching 40-Day Challenge during Covid-19?

Bonus Video What is the Best way to use the Swag from our Church Pack?

Bonus Video How Do we use a 40 Day Challenge at our School?

Free Resources

Red Letter Living has dynamic, turnkey resources that make it easy for you to challenge all people in your family, small group, or church to become greater followers of Jesus Christ.

Weekly Small Group Discussion Guides & Videos

Free weekly videos and discussion guides to help increase engagement and spark discussion.

Personal Assessment

This tool will give any individual practical next steps to help them follow Jesus.

Weekly Kids Church Curriculum

Free kids resources to help make the books come alive for kids K-5th grade.

Sermon Manuscripts

Free sermon manuscripts and videos to help jumpstart your church-wide campaign!

School Resources

Free school resources to help make the books come alive for the school setting.

Promotional Graphics

Free pre-made social media graphics and tons of design elements like fonts, logos, and doodles

What is Red Letter’s Story?

Red Letter Living was started by Zach and Allison Zehnder to create resources that are simple to understand, challenging in concept, highly practical, but always squarely aimed at Jesus. Christians can have good intentions all day long, but intentions without precise aim at exactly the One we are trying to be like, Jesus, will always lead to unintended consequences.  God has been gracious to all, and being compelled by that grace, we believe that following Jesus is the single greatest opportunity of our lifetime!

Thank you!!

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