Kids Need to be Challenged

Our 40-day challenges invite children into a life of following Jesus. Every one of our main books has a kids version that uses stories, illustrations, activities, and calls to action to help children live out their faith with practical, daily challenges. 

Daily Challenges for K-5th Grade


Free Kids Resources

You shouldn't have to reinvent discipleship.

You shouldn’t have to spend hours searching for discipleship programs that you’ll have to spend days rewriting. Red Letter Living creates turnkey resources for children and churches that are focused on the words, habits, and life of Jesus. Our 40-day challenges not only will teach Jesus-centered content, but will challenge every child to take daily steps toward Jesus!

How it works

Over 500 churches have successfully launched challenges across all denominations.

Choose Your Challenge

Choose the discipleship challenge that best fits for your needs. We suggest starting with Red Letter Challenge.

Follow the Step-by-Step Process

We’ve created training videos, blogs, timelines, graphics, and free resources to help you run a successful challenge. 

Transform Your Kids Ministry

Focus on Jesus, not the little details. When you are able to do this, you’ll be freed up to walk through the challenge with your kids church. Sharing this journey will energize, unify, and transform both you and your church.

Why Launch Our 40-Day Kids Challenges?

Jesus Centered

Jesus is the greatest disciple-maker in the world. Putting His words into practice helps people of all ages find the life God designed them to live

Engaged Children

Our challenges show that you can strive to be more like Jesus, no matter what your age. These creative, 40-day bible studies offer fun, clear, yet challenging next steps to help invite kids to follow Jesus.

Done-For-You Kids Curriculums and Materials

Included in our FREE library of resources for each 40-day challenge are kids curriculums to help make the challenges come alive during weekly kids Church meetings. Plus, each challenge includes coloring pages and discussion questions.

Church Discount Bundles

From 10 books to over 1500 books we have a bundle that will work for your church size.

The Red Letter Challenge 40-day Challenge for small group bible study.

The Challenges

Comprehensive kids packages designed to guide churches of all sizes through a life-changing 40-day journey. Decide which challenge is right for you.

Red Letter Challenge Kids

This 40-day challenge invites children into a life of following Jesus. Kids will learn the 5 most important targets to help them follow Jesus every day. RLC Kids uses stories, illustrations, activities, and calls to action to help children live out their faith with practical, daily challenges.

Challenge Kids

This 40-day challenge will help kids grow in their relationship with God. Kids will learn the 5 keystone habits of Jesus. BC Kids uses stories, illustrations, activities, and calls to action to help children live out their faith with practical, daily challenges.

Forgiving Challenge Kids

The 40-day Forgiving Challenge focuses on five phases kids can take to lead to forgiveness: the mess-up, the ‘fess-up, the clean-up, the rise-up, and the step-up. Red Letter Living has workbooks for children and adults so that everyone can enjoy this life-changing journey to freedom.
ServingKidsCover Flat Master (1)

Challenge Kids

The 40-day discipleship journey, Serving Challenge Kids, will challenge kids to serve like Jesus and become a greater follower of Him. Kids were made for more and they were made to serve. Go on an adventure to serve like Jesus and focus on The Fantastic Five.

The Free Resources

Red Letter Living has dynamic, turnkey resources that make it easy for you to challenge kids to become a greater follower of Jesus Christ.

Kids Curriculum

Along with our challenges come a professional, pre-made kids curriculum that follows the simple format of warm-up, observation, interpretation, and application.

Bonus Resources

From coloring pages to discussion questions and parent led materials, our kids challenges are packed with resources to engage children from kindergarten all the way to 5th grade.

9 Challenge Books Stacked

Free Book for Pastors

Pastors, our team would be honored to send you a free 40-Day Challenge book!
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What Others are Saying​

I was drawn to working with Red Letter Living because of its commitment to bedrock Christian practices, such as prayer, Bible reading, worship, forgiveness, servanthood, giving, and evangelism. We often fall into the trap of thinking that our children are too young to understand these spiritual touchstones in a deep way. The Red Letter Challenge doesn’t shy from foundational beliefs—and it teaches them in an entertaining and instructive way. 

Doug Peterson

Author of 42 VeggieTales books

“Shortly after RLC ended, the mom of one of the Kindergarten students at the school came into the office. Her son is part of our midweek after school program which went through the kid’s version. They loved it and she said how much she was growing because of the kid’s version. This is an pre-Christian family at the school, and they want to know more about Jesus now.”

Paul Frerichs

Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church


As many of the answers as we have!

Yes, we are happy to accommodate this request by allowing you to custom-order what books you need in your church pack. We encourage you to reach out to us via email and/or write a note in the description when ordering a church pack and let us know how you would like to split the books up. 

For all of our 40-Day Church Challenges, we provide a FREE weekly kids’ curriculum for your kids’ ministry.  You can find all of our kids resources in our FREE Resource library. We also write companion books that target K-5th grade that mirror the themes of the 40-Day Challenges. Our kids’ materials, devotions, and challenges are not only more kid-friendly, but also feature a narrative woven throughout the book to help kids engage with the content even more. Because of its nature to challenge children, we do highly suggest parent involvement, no matter if it’s a 1st grader or a 5th grader. Hear Pastor and Author Zach Zehnder discuss how to involve kids’ ministry more by watching this short video.

Yes, we provide a FREE 40-Day School-Based Curriculum to go alongside the 40-Day books. You can find this in our resource library. It is our hope to instill the words and habits of Jesus in kids’ lives and schools have had a powerful, transformative experience going through a 40-Day Challenge together.

Yes. While we encourage churches to fully participate, a church, classroom, or entire school can use our kids’ materials for a great 40-Day experience. Hear Pastor and Author Zach Zehnder discuss how to involve kids’ ministry more by watching this short video.

Yes. Author Zach Zehnder writes in a simple-to-understand format that works for both adults and students. We encourage middle and high school students to utilize the adult 40-Day Challenge books.

Thank you!!

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