Forgiving Others Challenge

It’s time to take the grace and forgiveness that God has given to us and extend it to others. It’s time to live with purpose.

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A Forgiven Person is a Forgiving Person

Forgiving Challenge takes you on a 10-Day life-changing journey to experience the gift of God’s grace so that you can share it with others. The forgiveness that Jesus has already won for you assures you of eternal life with Him. It also offers you an opportunity to live with purpose today. So come. Be forgiven. Be free. And watch how God works through you to change the world. Forgiving Others Challenge is a follow up to the 40-Day Forgiving Challenge, which will help you receive forgiveness the way Jesus intends.

What Church Leaders are Saying​

“Zach nails what forgiveness is and how to forgive in this 10-day challenge.  This is some of his best work yet.  Are you ready to release the weight that is suppressing your joy?  Take the plunge, freedom for a healthier life awaits.”

Aaron Hutton

Pastor, Christ Lincoln, Lincoln, NE

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