21 Days of Prayer Challenge

Matthew 6:33 tells us to “Seek First” the kingdom of God, and that is what we will do in 2023! That’s right, we are starting the year with a 21 Days of Prayer Challenge.

There is no greater opportunity in this world than to be in a real relationship with God!

If you are like me, I recognize the importance of prayer and I know the power that can come through prayer, yet, I’ve often found my prayer life to be lacking. Is there something more that I’m missing? Do the people that I lead also struggle with prayer?

The truth is that there is no greater opportunity in this world than to be in a real relationship with God! Great relationships start with communication, and prayer is how we communicate with God. 

So, let’s grow in prayer together!

How it works

Watch the daily videos.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and for 21 days you will receive daily 4-5-minute YouTube videos dropping at 6:33 AM CST starting January 8th.

Read the daily guide.

Download and read the FREE PDF guide that will include daily devotions as well as companion Bible readings, a daily challenge to complete, and a prayer prompt for the day.

Don't do this alone.

Bring your friends and family along with you for accountability and as a way to strengthen your prayer life together for 21 Days of Prayer!

3 Steps to Get Ready

Subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive 4-5-minute daily videos. 

Download the FREE 21 Days of Prayer Challenge Guide.

Invite others to join you. Share www.prayingchallenge.com with your friends and family.

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