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"In an era where people are struggling with discipleship, diving into the words of Jesus is one of the best things you can do. I love how Red Letter Challenge makes it easy to get an entire church diving deeper into the teachings of Christ."
Carey Nieuwhof - Founding Pastor of Connexus Church, Author and Speaker

What Is Red Letter Challenge?

Red Letter Challenge is a dynamic 40-day experience that helps people more effectively follow Jesus Christ! Do you and your congregation have what it takes to truly follow the words of Jesus?

Why Do the RLC?


growth of your small groups in 40 days!

40Days is
all it takes

to increase volunteer engagement, giving, and outreach at your church


of pastors highly recommend!


have completed our 40-day challenges. Is your church next?

What's Included

  • RLC 40-Day Workbooks
  • RLC Small Group DVD's/Videos
  • RLC Small Group Guides
  • RLC Kids Weekly Curriculum
  • RLC Sermon Manuscripts/Videos
  • RLC Graphics Package
  • RLC Swag (Bracelets or Fridge Magnets)
Quantities over 50 receive a phone call from Pastor Zach Zehnder to help implement RLC in your setting.
How to Launch a 40-Day Church Challenge
Video 1

5 Reasons to do a 40-Day Church Challenge

Video 2

Best time to Launch a 40-Day Challenge

Video 3

Best Practices

Video 4

Promotion and Distribution

Video 5

Small Group Strategy

Video 6

Kids and Youth Strategy

Video 7

Which Church Package Size is Right

Video 8

Customer Service and Ordering

Video 9

After the Challenge

Video 10

Which Challenge is Right for our Church

Bonus Video

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Pastors, our team would be honored to send you a free 40-day challenge book! Just fill out this quick form HERE and we’ll ship it out to you.

Ready for the Next Challenge?
More than just a workbook, the Being Challenge is a perfect 40-day church campaign. Are you interested in learning how to implement the BC at your church? Find out what’s included and what’s right for you!
In an era where people are struggling with discipleship, diving into the words of Jesus is one of the best things you can do. I love how Red Letter Challenge makes it easy to get an entire church diving deeper into the teachings of Christ.
Leading churches are using campaigns to increase engagement in their community. Red Letter Challenge is not only a plug and play campaign to help your church gain a better insight into the teaching of Jesus but it will also help your church grow because of deeper engagement! You would be wise to connect with this resource and see what it can do for your church!
If you feel like you were made for something more or if you are tired of checking religious boxes, the Red Letter Challenge is for you! By challenging people to go back to the good news message of Jesus, I truly believe this will help you find the life you were made for.
What is unique about the Red Letter Challenge?
The Red Letter Challenge focuses on Jesus' commands to His disciples. As Pastor Zach Zehnder examined all that Jesus said to His disciples, he found five principles most important to Jesus: Being, Forgiving, Serving, Giving, and Going. We believe that helping people in these five areas will lead to incredible spiritual growth for the people in your church. For more about the RLC, go to this this link.
How will this increase small group engagement?
By having pre-made, quality small group study guides and videos, and following our promotion plan, we believe that your church will see significant growth in your small groups. Churches that participated in the RLC and followed our promotion/distribution plan see an average of more than 40% increase in small groups. One church even grew by 500%. Smaller churches that didn’t have small groups used RLC to launch their small groups, and even large churches saw growth many times over 40%.
Can I order a different quantity than the above bundles?
Yes, please contact us here and we will be happy to give you a comparable quote depending on whatever size you need.
Can I see a sample of the workbooks?
Yes, simply email us here with a request and we can email you a 100-page PDF of both the Red Letter Challenge workbook and the Red Letter Challenge Kids workbook.
I'm not from United States. Do you ship INTERNATIONALLY?
Yes, click this link and fill out a few pieces of information and our team will reach out to you very shortly with a quote.
How soon will the orders get here?
For orders in the USA, expect 2-3 business days for Priority Mail and 5-10 business days for Media Mail. International orders should expect 6-12 business days.
Is there a refund available for workbooks that don't sell?
Yes, we will refund you the full price of the workbooks that don’t sell and are received back in good condition. Please email us here for more information.
Where can I learn best practices for implementing an RLC campaign?
Click this link and we’ve outlined them here for you. Furthermore, for churches that order 50 or more copies, inquire here to schedule a 30-minutes phone call with author Zach Zehnder to further help you contextualize the RLC campaign for your church!
What do you suggest for a solid promotional plan for a RLC Campaign?
We suggest a 4-week lead-in time with the books at your site. We have a promotional video you can use in our graphics package and will be happy to assist you in launching the RLC in your setting. Churches that order 50 or more copies find it very beneficial to schedule a FREE 30-minute phone call with author Zach Zehnder. Inquire here to schedule a time to talk with Zach.
When is the best time to launch a 40-day church campaign?
These are the 5 best times we've seen to launch a 40-day church campaign.
  1. Beginning of Year: You can promote heavily in December and at Christmas and build some serious momentum in the new year.
  2. 40 Days prior to Easter: Many churches will encourage people to give up something for the 40 days of Lent. We love this practice, but also, we've seen many churches encourage their people not just to give up something, but to start something new as well. There is nothing better to start than putting the words of Jesus into practice!
  3. 40 Days after Easter: You can promote heavily at Easter and really give your church something exciting to come back to the next week. Usually a church will have 6-8 weeks left after Easter while families are still in school and this can provide some great momentum going into the summer months.
  4. Summer: While most churches decrease in attendance in summer months, the RLC is a great opportunity to start the summer with a jump, not a slump!
  5. Fall: Weekly worship attendance is normally at its strongest in the Fall. Why not start the fall with a powerful 40-day church discipleship challenge? We encourage a start time any time after the school session is back and encourage churches to wrap up by Thanksgiving.
How do you suggest incorporating student ministry into RLC Campaign?
We believe that children and youth can and do have what it takes to put the words of Jesus and the principles of RLC into practice. In the past, we’ve seen student ministries (both middle and high school) interact very well with the RLC workbook and the small group components as well. RLC is a challenge in its practice, but not in its content. It is written in a simple-to-understand way that youth and adults can both understand.
How do you suggest incorporating kid’s ministry into RLC Campaign?
We’ve created a FREE weekly kid’s curriculum to be used on Sunday mornings for your kid’s ministry so that the kids are learning the same main principles as the adults. We have also written a companion RLC Kids workbook that targets K-5th grade. It mirrors the themes and days of the RLC workbook, but is written specifically with a K-5th audience in mind. Therefore, the devotions and the challenges are more kid-friendly. Also, based on how children best learn, there is an incredible narrative woven throughout the book to help kids engage with the principles of RLC even more. Because of its nature to challenge children, we do highly suggest parent involvement, no matter if it’s a 1st grader or a 5th grader.
Is Zach Zehnder available to speak at our RLC Campaign kickoff?
Zach does offer a limited number of Sundays to help churches kickoff their RLC campaign. Additionally, he has presented RLC workshops to churches as well on kickoff weekends. Fill out the Speaker Request Form with some needed information on our end and our team will get back to you.
Who can I contact for more questions?

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