The 5 Best Habits to Form While Quarantined

One of the phrases I’ve heard a lot in the midst of the global pandemic we are living in, is “Don’t waste a crisis.”  As hard as it may be, as dark as it may be, don’t waste a crisis.

Here’s my question: What if, in the midst of this crisis, you could become more like Christ?

Many of us in this season have uncluttered time like never before.  We’ve been forced into new decisions and new daily routines.  Calendars have become completely wiped out.  New habits are being formed.  Bad and Good.

Multiple studies have confirmed that about 40% of the “decisions” we make in this world, aren’t actually decisions, but habits in our lives.  Therefore, it’s important we recognize what habits are in our lives.

In this quarantined time, did you know that alcohol sales are up somewhere between 55 and 75% in our country over the same time as last year?  Porn sites have seen a major increase in engagement.  Carbs and sugary products are flying off the shelves.  And just like the “Freshman 15,” all sorts of memes about the “Quarantine 15” are starting to pop up as many are gaining weight in this time.

Those are obviously not the long-lasting habits we want in our lives.

At the same time, good habits are being formed.  This morning, YouVersion, makers of the Bible App, said that they saw “the largest increasement ever, with more people searching the Bible for hope and peace, sharing Bible verses and Verse Images with others, and engaging in God’s Word with their families through the Bible App for Kids.  Many families that have tried to implement daily devotions and failed in the past are using this time to establish this routine.  Family meals are occurring more far more often, and simply put, most people are using this time to grow in their relationship with God.  In my church alone, 81% say this is a time they are using to employ better habits!

New habits are being formed!  But not all habits are equal.

The best habits to form are keystone habits.  Charles Duhigg, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Power of Habits, defines keystone habits this way:  “a habit that people introduce into their lives that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their lives.”

Keystone habits create a domino effect that can change every area of your life. One crucial habit leads to other good habits. A keystone habit is no more difficult to form than any other one, but it provides multiplied benefits.  Some examples of keystone habits in our world are exercising regularly, tracking what you eat, making your bed every morning, and flossing your teeth.  There is much scientific research that shows these habits carry over into other areas of our lives.

But not all keystone habits are created equal either.  I believe that no habits create a greater domino effect in our lives than spiritual habits that help us grow in our relationship with God.  And if we are looking to grow in our relationship with God, it’s important we look to the only one who was in perfect relationship with God, and that is Jesus Christ.

For the past two years, I’ve been researching the habits of Jesus and also looking at some modern-day research in regards to habits, and I believe these are the 5 keystone habits of Jesus that Jesus practiced:

  • Commit to Community
  • Study Scripture
  • Prioritize Prayer
  • Seek Solitude
  • Choose Church

Even when our world looks nothing like what it did a month ago, and certainly nothing like the time in which Jesus lived, these same five keystone habits of Jesus will help you grow in your relationship with God and ultimately help you become a greater follower of Jesus.

We will be doing a much deeper dive into these 5 keystone habits of Jesus as we enter into the FREE Online Being Challenge, starting April 19th.  For more info, check out  I’ll be leading you with daily videos that will challenge you to become more like Christ.  We will not waste this crisis.

We will use this crisis to become more like Christ!

Zach Zehnder

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