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40-Day Challenges that Reignite Your Faith Journey

In just 40 days, your story could completely change. It starts by living a life like Jesus and doing what He says. Start your journey today.

The original RLC is a journey with Jesus’ words. Inside the bestselling Red Letter Challenge book is everything adults, youth, and kids need to go on a 40-day life-changing discipleship experience with Jesus.

Inside the Being Challenge book is everything you need to go on a 40-day life-changing journey to BE like Jesus. Along the way, you will learn and be challenged to practice the 5 keystone habits of Jesus.

Forgiveness can be challenging, but when you receive forgiveness the way Jesus intends, you enjoy a feeling of true freedom. The 40-day forgiving challenge focuses on 5 phases: sin, confession, absolution, restoration, and sanctification.

Why does it feel as if words like burnout, exhaustion, anger, loneliness, unhappiness, and anxiety are winning the day?  The 40-day Serving Challenge is designed to lead you to more fulfillment than you ever thought possible.


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Session: The Disciple Making Playbook: Elevating the Quality and Quantity of Disciples at Your Church

Day: Thursday, March 7th
Time: 8:45-9:45an ET
Location: Kids 2- Room 120

Special offer to attendees and free book recipients.