The Red Letter Disciple Episode 2

002: Zach Windahl on Why Reading the Bible Is So Hard

So many people start reading the Bible, get discouraged, and quit by Leviticus. Why does this happen? Today, Zach Windahl talks about the first time he understood the Bible, reconstructing his faith, and why he wrote The Bible Study.

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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

The Brand Sunday

The Bible Study

B90X 90-Day Bible Reading Plan

Zach Windahl on TikTok

Zach Windahl on Instagram

The Brand Sunday on Instagram

Key insights from the episode: 

Zach Windahl Red Letter Disciple Quote

Understanding the story of the Bible completely changes the reading experience. – Zach Windahl

So often, the Bible can be the most intimidating book in the world. – Zach Windahl

Whenever I’ve met someone struggling with their faith, it’s always been a problem with people. It’s never had anything to do with the Bible, Jesus, or their relationship with God. – Zach Windahl

Don’t let another person’s faith or actions justify your own deconstruction. – Zach Windahl

We need to actually give people the grace we preach about on Sundays. – Zach Windahl

God has incredible dreams for us if we’re open to hearing them. – Zach Windahl

When you look at the whole story of the Bible, you learn things that are hard to learn when you just look at pieces. – Zach Zehnder

If you’re struggling with believing in God, Luke and Acts are incredible books to start with. – Zach Windahl

If we don’t take care of ourselves physically, we aren’t going to become our best selves spiritually. – Zach Windahl

Did you know that studying Scripture is one of the 5 Keystone habits of Jesus? That’s right. If you want to go deeper into leading yourself (and your church) to building the habits of Jesus, we’d love to introduce you to the 40-Day Being Challenge.

Zach Windahl and The Being Challenge

Many Christians today aren’t great at maintaining the habits of Jesus. 

Even the most “mature” Christians struggle with opening up in community, prioritizing prayer, and seeking regular solitude. But that doesn’t have to be your story. 

The Being Challenge guides you through 40 days of practical, simple-to-understand challenges to help you learn, develop, and grow in the five keystone habits of Jesus.

You can learn more about the challenge here!

Some not-so-key insights: 

Try to be as non-cheesy as possible. – Windahl

Chris is no longer allowed to sing on the podcast.

You probably shouldn’t name your coffee shop “He-Brews.”

Zach Zehnder purchased the entire P90X curriculum but only went through three days of it.

Chris has always dreamed of being a game show host. 

Chris is not a totally fair game show host.

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