The Red Letter Disciple Episode 19

019: Nona Jones Discusses Her Battle with Insecurity and Why She is Killing Comparison

Nona Jones is the Head of Global Faith Partnerships for Facebook/Meta and is a world-renowned author, pastor, and speaker. You wouldn’t think someone with her resume would ever worry about insecurity or compare herself to others. Hear her journey of how she is killing comparison, celebrating others, and using her social media as a ministry to others.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

Killing Comparison: Reject that You Aren’t Good Enough by Nona Jones

Global Faith Partnership

Key insights from the episode:

We get lost in the transactional nature of social media. – Nona Jones

Social technology gives us access to sides of people we don’t normally see. – Nona Jones

As believers, everything we post is an opportunity to bring others closer to Jesus. – Nona Jones

“It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if they are not following God too.” – Nona Jones

“Insecurity isn’t caused by social media, it is revealed by it. The real cause of insecurity is ‘What is your identity tied to?’”Nona Jones

Physical appearance is an insecure foundation: 1) you will age and 2) standards change. Nona Jones

The biblical character Jonathan proves to us that God’s favor on someone else’s life is not a threat to the purpose on our own. –  Nona Jones

Humility is fully occupying your lane of life.  – Nona Jones

Where insecurity sees someone as a competitor, humility sees someone to celebrate. – Nona Jones

Nona Jones’s Challenge: Think about who is the person who triggered your insecurity. Reach out to that person, encourage them, and pray for them.

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