The Red Letter Disciple Episode 20

020: Bill Woolsey on the #1 Reason Why Ventures Fail

Bill Woolsey is excited about seeing other people’s creative ideas come to life. After serving as a pastor, Bill started Five Two, an organization which helps entrepreneurs start things! Their proven approach clarifies, equips, and activates the unique callings of others.

Creating content is one thing. Distributing it is another. Carey Nieuwhof, through the Influence Kickstarter, helped my organization clarify who its target is, and this has been a game-changer for our business. Carey Nieuwhof and The Art of Leadership Academy are offering this free mastermind that will help you amplify your reach and impact online by: 

  • Identifying your dream audience
  • Learning how to get them to notice you and connect with you; and 
  • Figuring out which platforms are worth your time and effort and which aren’t 

To register for free, visit Building online influence doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. And it also doesn’t have to be gimmicky or ruin your integrity.

Carey Nieuwhof

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Five Two 

Soaring Educational Services 

Faith at Work Devotional from Five Two

Key insights from the episode:

Bill Woolsey

Billions of people don’t think the way you do, and many of them live right next door to you. Bill Woolsey

87% of the people in our churches don’t know their spiritual gifting. – Zach Zehnder

Five Two wants to help you clarify, equip, and activate your calling. –Bill Woolsey

The number one reason the young people from my church didn’t come back was that there were no other young people there. – Chris Johnson

The number one reason ventures fail is that they have something nobody wants.Bill Woolsey

If you can get “Who is this for?” right…you’re there. – Bill Woolsey

Encourage means to literally “pour in courage.”Bill Woolsey

Five Two: 111 new ventures since 2015  99,505 introductions to Jesus

What’s the platter you are going to serve Jesus on? – Bill Woolsey

Bill Woolsey’s Challenge: If God only allowed me to minister to just one type of person, who would that person be, and what would they be like?

Are you following Jesus? 

Many want to be greater followers of Jesus but don’t know how. So we did an extensive study on everything that Jesus commanded of us and located key targets. The five targets are Being, Forgiving, Serving, Giving, and Going.

In partnership with LifeWay Research, we created the FREE Red Letter Challenge Assessment that will measure you according to these five targets. You will get results back immediately and be presented with practical steps and challenges to help you become an even greater follower of Jesus.

You can take the FREE Red Letter Challenge Assessment here. 

Not-so-key insights from the episode:

Mother Theresa and a friendly Mark Cuban would definitely not have dated. – Chris Johnson

Zach is starting a competitor ministry to Five Two called Seven and a Few. 

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