The Red Letter Disciple Episode 22

022: Grief Counselor Sharon Zehnder on the Two Best Ways to Respond to Grief

Pastor’s wives wear many hats. Sharon Zehnder’s hats are wife, mother, grief counselor, speaker, and author. Going back for her master’s degree after becoming empty nesters, Sharon proves that no matter what stage in life you are in, God’s always got more for you to do.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

Crosswords for Grief by Sharon Zehnder

Extreme Devotion: Daily Devotional Stories Of Ancient To Modern-Day Believers Who Sacrificed Everything For Christ by Voice of the Martyr

Key insights from the episode:

Sharon Zehnder

Pastors’ wives often feel overlooked. – Sharon Zehnder 

Grief is the unexpected loss of a dream. – Sharon Zehnder

All of that loss is stacking up, and we are left unable to grieve. – Zach Zehnder

‘Companion-ing,’ or walking alongside someone, is how you help someone grieve. – Sharon Zehnder

Sometimes the less said is better. – Sharon Zehnder

You’ve got to be real, to feel, to heal. – Sharon Zehnder

The grief waits for you to deal with it. – Sharon Zehnder

Sharon Zehnder’s Challenge: Make someone feel important today. 

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Some not-so-key insights:

Chris’s jacket screams, “Make me feel important!”

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