The Red Letter Disciple Episode 24

024: Chestly Lunday on Virtual Reality Church, How We Can be a Presence on Metaverse

Chestly Lunday isn’t intimidated by virtual reality, atheist youth, Metaverse, or the new digital age. He embraces the challenge of finding a way to share the gospel of Jesus using new tools and strategies. Rather than feeling like you need to choose, Chestly encourages churches to get real about who they are called to reach so that discipleship can happen on a day-to-day basis.

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Carey Nieuwhof

Resources mentioned in the episode:

REVEAL Study from Willow Creek

Digital Church Network

Key insights from the episode:

Chestly Lunday

The two paradigms are 1) You have to be in a building to connect, and 2) you can connect no matter where you are. – Chestly Lunday

Everybody having the “church on internet” conversation is over 25. – Chestly Lunday

Our churches reach who they are perfectly designed to reach. – Chestly Lunday

Nobody is for everybody because everybody doesn’t show up to your church. – Chestly Lunday

If you are not clear about who you are, then you’ll get lost. – Chestly Lunday

Culture has been making disciples for decades, and it’s better at it than the church is. – Chestly Lunday

Information, experience, and relationship are the three pieces to transformation. – Chestly Lunday

In the digital age, what you are going to see is the primary product of the church is not Sunday morning any more, it’s discipleship. – Chestly Lunday

Chestly Lunday’s Weekly Challenge: For the disciple: What is God saying to you, and what are you going to do about it? 

Are you following Jesus? 

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Some not-so-key insights:

Chestly wants Chris J’s wardrobe consultant. 

Is Chestly trying to bring back four-hour sermons?

Zach never got the Taco Bell Mexican pizza.

Chestly has been waiting for Rosie, the house robot from the Jetsons, for a long time!

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