The Red Letter Disciple Episode 25

025: Pastor Zach Zehnder on Habits, Spiritual Targets to Shoot For

Pastor Zach Zehnder provides a clear picture of habits that anyone can shoot in their journey of discipleship. In this podcast, he dives into his Being Challenge book. The five keystone habits will give anyone simple and clear Bible-based habits to incorporate into their life.

Today’s episode is brought to you by Red Letter Living. At its core, Red Letter Living creates resources to challenge all people to be greater disciples of Jesus. If you are a pastor, consider a 40-day challenge to start the New Year or Lenten season. These 40-day challenges will help your church grow their small groups, bring unity in divided times, and give a much-needed break to your staff by providing turnkey resources. Let’s partner up.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

Jon Acuff’s Finish book: 92% of resolutions fail

Being Challenge: 40-day book to be like Jesus 

The Bible Study by Zach Windahl

Key insights from the episode:

Zach Zehnder

The systems you have to finish the goals are even more important than the goals themselves. Zach Zehnder

A keystone habit is a habit that unintentionally carries over into other aspects of life. – Zach Zehnder

My discipleship flows out of my relationship with God. – Zach Zehnder

Keystone habits are important, but spiritual keystone habits are the best. – Zach Zehnder

We don’t have to guess how to be in relationship with God, we can look to Jesus.Zach Zehnder

Jesus talked about or practiced being alone over forty times in the Bible. – Zach Zehnder

Studying Scripture is vital to our lives today because that is where we discover who God is. – Zach Zehnder

Prayer gives us direction. – Zach Zehnder

Church interrupts the negative message of the world. – Zach Zehnder

Zach Zehnder’s Challenge: Take one small step on one of the Five Keystone Habits from Being Challenge. 

How do you grow in your relationship with God? There was only one person who has ever existed in a perfect relationship with God, and His name was Jesus. Being Challenge introduces you to the habits that Jesus practiced, which are habits we are called to practice. The more we “Be” like Jesus, the more we will see our true identity. What are you waiting for? If you want to go deeper into leading yourself (and your church) to building the habits of Jesus, we’d love to introduce you to the 40-Day Being Challenge.

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Many Christians today aren’t great at maintaining the habits of Jesus. 

Even the most “mature” Christians struggle with opening up in community, prioritizing prayer, and seeking regular solitude. But that doesn’t have to be your story. 

The Being Challenge guides you through 40 days of practical, simple-to-understand challenges to help you learn, develop, and grow in the five keystone habits of Jesus.

You can learn more about the challenge here!

Some not-so-key insights:

Zach Zehnder has written or co-written 10 books and doesn’t have a single ghostwriter. 

Michael Phelps has gills. – Chris Johnson 

Many life coaches will start with people flossing their teeth to get them on the right track.

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