The Red Letter Disciple Episode 28

028: Brian Fikkert on Why Helping Hurts, How Christians are Creating Problems for the Poor, Why We Shouldn’t Give Away Turkeys at Thanksgiving, and Tall People Problems.

Brain Fikkert is an economics professor and author who wants to see a change in poverty in the world. He not only redefines poverty as a fundamentally relational problem, but he presents a whole new method of how followers of Jesus can serve the poor.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

The Chalmers Center 

When Helping Hurts by Brian Fikkert

Becoming Whole by Brian Fikkert

Innovate Initiative from The Chalmers Center

Key insights from the episode:

Good intentions are not enough. – Brian Fikkert

Incorrect helping can create an even bigger divide. – Zach Zehnder

One of the primary features of poverty is a sense of shame, a sense of inadequacy. – Brian Fikkert

Effective ministry to the poor is highly relational and takes a long time!  – Brian Fikkert

Poverty is fundamentally relational in problem and takes relational solutions to get fixed. – Brian Fikkert

Real love means restoring people to humanness. – Brian Fikkert

The number one problem with churches in America is that they provide relief when what people really need is development.Brian Fikkert

Our souls are screaming out, “I’m made for a certain kind of habitat, and the habitat I’m in isn’t the right one.” – Brian Fikkert

There is a superficial kind of love, peace, and joy. Why do we crush happiness? Just because there is a superficial kind doesn’t mean there isn’t genuine, God-given happiness. – Zach Zehnder

Jesus was always trying to restore people to humanness. – Brian Fikkert

When it comes to helping the poor, our message isn’t do less. It’s do more, but let’s do it differently. – Brian Fikkert

Brian Fikkert’s Challenge: Answer this question: Why did Jesus come to earth?


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Some not-so-key insights: 

Brian Fikkert is 6’10”. 

Brian’s primary spiritual gift is offensiveness. 

Bathroom stalls/fitting rooms are the worst for tall people. 

Zach and Brian share a love for Sheboygan Brat Days.


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