The Red Letter Disciple - Episode 29

029: Stuart Hall on What We are Getting Wrong with Gen Z, How The Word Purity Needs to be Changed, and the Sure Way to Get Teens to Open Up to You.

Stuart Hall has served as Orange’s Director of Student Leadership for over three decades. He also contributed to the 2022 book What Most Parents Aren’t Telling You. As we unpacked some of the latest data and talked about what parents care about, Stuart shared tips on juggling kids’ sports and faith and what is true about Gen Z that the media isn’t letting on.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

What Most Parents Aren’t Telling You by Orange

Key insights from the episode:

Believing in the next generation goes a long way. – Stuart Hall

Teenagers are looking for a significant adult to speak the truth in their lives.- Stuart Hall

Proximity covers a multitude of sins when you are speaking to the next generation. – Stuart Hall

Authenticity trumps coolness every time. – Chris Johnson

The next generation is the smartest, most educated generation in our country. – Stuart Hall

The family used to be rooted in mutual obligation, but now it is rooted in mutual understanding. – Stuart Hall

We can all draw a line in the sand, but eventually you have to release those children into the wild. – Stuart Hall

Parents want to build an empire state building faith on a chicken coop foundation. – Stuart Hall

The difference in prioritizing faith in white parents was more than 24% less than any other ethnicity. – Stuart Hall

Are you willing to offer unconditional belonging long before belief? – Stuart Hall

Adults post a ton on social media and call it “marketing.” Teenagers post a ton and we call it addiction. – S. Hall

Belonging drives identity. – S. Hall

If you want to go deeper on understanding Gen Z, here’s a sermon by Pastor Zach from October 2022 entitled “How Do We Fight For the Next Generation?” 

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