The Red Letter Disciple Episode 30

030: Tanner Olson on Poetry’s Place in the World, How Being a Writer is Only 10% Writing, and His Best Advice for Those Who Want to Be Entrepreneurs

Tanner Olson is an author, speaker, and poet. Tanner discusses his writing rhythms, how he’s grown his platform and influence over the years, and his unique way of blending humor and creativity into a story and announcing the hope and love of Jesus.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

Written to Speak by Tanner Olson

Tanner Olson Instagram 

Walk a Little Slower Podcast by Tanner Olson

Written to Speak Blog by Tanner Olson

Key insights from the episode:

Art takes surrendering.
Tanner spends 10% of his time writing; the other 90% is “all the other stuff.”
Poetry has a place in the church.
Poetry is not a sermon; it is not a song. It is somewhere in between. – Tanner Olson
Poetry is for everybody, but not everybody knows that poetry is for them. – Tanner Olson
Create and write for the people who follow you, not for the ones who don’t. – Tanner Olson
It’s better to have a very small audience with faithful followers than to have 100,000 followers who don’t know you exist. – Tanner Olson

Tanner’s Challenge: Rest and read poetry!

Tanner Olson

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Some not-so-key insights: 

Tanner knew his spot in heaven was secured when he worked at Chick-fil-A.

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