The Red Letter Disciple Episode 32

032: Pentecostal Neurologist Jessie Cruickshank on what Memory has to do with Discipleship, the Link Between Science and Faith, and what Antarctica is Really Like!

What do you get when you mash up a wilderness guru and a Harvard-graduated neurobiologist? Jessie’s life calling is teaching others about the mind and body connection and how we are wired for discipleship. Jessie believes we’ve complicated discipleship and is on a journey to get us back to what Jesus said about following Him.

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For further reading, in preparation of this webinar, feel free to visit these blogs that we posted in March 2022.

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3 Reasons Pastors Don’t Develop Other Pastors by Tim Ahlman

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

Extraordinary Discipleship Online Course

Ordinary Discipleship by Jessie Cruickshank (Pre-Order)

Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries

Twitter: @yourbrainbyjess

God’s Story- Your Story Template

Key insights from the episode:

Biology and the Bible and the two things that help me know my way in this world. – Jessie Cruickshank

Discipleship happens organically through stories. – Jessie Cruickshank

It’s science that helps me see the wonder of God. – Jessie Cruickshank

If being a disciple is being changed by Jesus, then a disciple-maker is helping someone else change too. – Jessie Cruickshank

Most of the breakthroughs in science were made by believers. – Jessie Cruickshank

It’s pretty fascinating to me how many scientists believe in God but how few clergies believe in science. – Jessie Cruickshank

Real transformation happens in divine-human encounters. The amazing thing about wilderness is you can’t fake it. – Jessie Cruickshank

Mediocre people can disciple others. – Jessie Cruickshank

Good news is a story of when God came through for you. – Jessie Cruickshank

It takes 20% failure for your brain to learn. – Jessie Cruickshank

Jessie Cruickshank’s Challenge of the Week: Find a way to share your story and the “aha” moments that God has brought into your life.

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