The Red Letter Disciple Episode 34

034 Bryan Rose on Having a Purpose for Your Family, How to Reach Families in Kid’s Sports, and His Family’s Story of Infertility and Adoption!

Bryan Rose is passionate about families. Not only does he share his family’s story of infertility and adoption, but he has also devoted his life to mentoring other families as they incorporate discipleship into their everyday lives. Architect turned pastor, Bryan knows what it is like to do a 180 degree turn. He helps churches create a vision for their ministry and breakthrough in their churches.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

life re.defined by Bryan Rose

Auxano Church Consulting

My Ministry Breakthrough Podcast 


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Key insights from the episode:

Clarity isn’t everything you do in leadership, but it affects everything you do in leadership. – Bryan Rose

Our story of becoming parents is a story of brokenness and deep dependence on the Lord. – Bryan Rose

Your mission is the great commission. It’s just contextualized with different words. – Bryan Rose

We want to foster acceptance. – Bryan Rose

Family values are fencelines shapes how you make decisions. Bryan Rose

How do we see every day, everything we do as an opportunity to make disciples? – Bryan Rose

The average church family is over-scheduled and under-discipled. – Bryan Rose

Let’s not excuse the absence of sports families, but equip their presence somewhere else. – Bryan Rose

Lead yourself (and your church) to be more like Jesus.

For so many Christians, the discipleship process isn’t very clear.

They know they need to go to church, pray, not sin, and maybe attend a small group. While these are great things, they don’t outline a clear path leading people to live more like Jesus. 

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