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036: Joshua K. Smith on Robots, the Future of AI, and Why Chat GPT is Going to Disrupt Education

Joshua K. Smith is not afraid of robots, AI, and answering difficult questions about technology. His love for technology and his passion for faith come together in this episode that tackles strange AI uses such as truck drivers and girlfriends, Chat GPT and its use in education, and how robots can be an important part of the church world. To learn more about the podcast or access the show notes, visit




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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

North Morton Baptist Church from Mississippi

Robot Theology book by Joshua K. Smith

The Kirby Laing Centre

Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro


Key insights from the episode: 

Joshua Smith The Red Letter Disciple

Philosophical theology collides so well with technology because it is all about asking, “What is going on inside?” – Joshua K. Smith

Humanity is always longing for some kind of magic; technology gives them that. – Joshua K. Smith

What we envisioned about what AI would be today was wrong. – Joshua K. Smith

I’m hopeful for the future of AI. You can misuse any tool, it depends on the human, not on the tool. – Joshua K. Smith

There is also false information that can come from AI. It’s not a magic cure for everything. – Joshua K. Smith

Christians are guilty of deciding what something is first before choosing how to treat it. I think that’s wrong. Instead, treat things ethically regardless of what you think it is.  – Joshua K. Smith

We don’t feel judged by robots. – Joshua K. Smith

Our mandate as Christians is to make things that lends toward flourishing. – Joshua K. Smith

AI is free for you right now because you are being experimented on. – Joshua K. Smith

Joshua K. Smith’s Challenge: Make something that is going to inspire creativity, awe, and joy.

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