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 041: Patrick O’Connell on The Movement of the Church, Changing the Scorecard for Disciples, and What American Disciples Can Learn from Disciples Overseas

Patrick O’Connell believes the church needs to be on the move. In this episode, Patrick will share his journey of being baptized in his 30s which led him to pastoring a small church, and now serving as Global Director of New Thing. In this episode, Patrick will share what American disciples can learn from those overseas and how the scorecard for what disciples shoot for needs to change.


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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

New Thing

Patrick O’Connell on Missional Imagination

FREE Ebook Together, written by Dave Ferguson and Patrick O’Connell


Key insights from the episode: 

The red Letter Disciple Patrick O'Connell Quote

The church started as a movement, and it works best as a movement. – Patrick O’Connell

I get stoked about movement, and I want to see motion in the church. – Patrick O’Connell

During my season of despair, I had women and men who showed me the love of Jesus. – Patrick O’Connell

It takes other committed faith-filled people to get people out of their own despair. – Zach Zehnder

I see a generation who are open to following but in an authentic and honest way. – Patrick O’Connell

We have to recapture the ethos that we are part of a movement. – Patrick O’Connell

We need to be more about the kingdom than the castles. – Patrick O’Connell

Let’s admit that the scorecard needs to be tweaked. – Patrick O’Connell

Discipleship is the win of the current century. – Patrick O’Connell

Discipleship is a relationship, not just cognitive. – Patrick O’Connell

The simple question in our discipleship path is, “Are you committed to following Jesus?”. – Zach Zehnder

Sunday is the only place on earth left where you can experience the gifts of God. – Chris Johnson

We’ve turned discipleship transactional, but it’s a relationship. – Patrick O’Connell

Discipleship is not a destination, it’s a journey. – Patrick O’Connell

A church is just the outpost of the kingdom. – Patrick O’Connell

New churches have a missional edge, they can cross boundaries that older churches can’t cross. – Patrick O’Connell

What the 20-somethings struggle with is all the systems. – Patrick O’Connell

Jesus said, “Go make disciples,” not “Go plant churches.”  – Patrick O’Connell

Patrick O’Connell’s Challenge: Pray and ask someone to share their story.


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