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043: Sasha Berscheid on Gaining Victory Over Alcoholism and Discovering Her Purpose through Serving Single Moms

Sasha has discovered the perfect line between providing care and preserving dignity that all non-profits need to take notice of. Project Intentional was birthed from her longing for single moms to feel seen and cared for. Her ingenious idea of Hope Lockers provides people with basic necessities while preserving their dignity.


Today’s episode is brought to you by Red Letter Living. In today’s episode, you’ll hear of an amazing servant Sasha Berscheid. She is not only serving the needs of her community, but also finding the life she is made for. Wouldn’t that be something that you would like for you and everyone at your church? If so, you’ll love our newest resource, a 40-day challenge to serve like Jesus entitled Serving Challenge. Get ready to embark on a 40–day journey that leads to more personal fulfillment than ever. 

You were made for more than just believing and existing until you die. You were made to follow the way of Jesus. You were made to serve. 

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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Project Intentional

Abide Omaha

Sasha Berscheid’s LinkedIn


Key insights from the episode:  

Sasha Berscheid Quote

I can breathe in, I can breathe out, I don’t drink in-between, and therefore, I can celebrate life. – Sasha Berscheid

I wanted to become 1% better than I was yesterday. – Sasha Berscheid

It is humanly fundamental to be a part of a community. – Sasha Berscheid

The opposite of addiction is community. – Sasha Berscheid

The devil works best when we are in isolation. – Chris Johnson

Single moms are OUTSTANDING. – Sasha Berscheid

If you need help, and you are not reaching out to ask for help, you rob someone else of joy. – Sasha Berscheid

I know shame; I’ve held shame, and shame has held me. – Sasha Berscheid

Sometimes we know why, sometimes we don’t, but the answer is still obedience. – Zach Zehnder

It’s one thing to give something out; it’s another to educate and empower. – Sasha Berscheid

You were made to be you. – Sasha Berscheid

Take a step and see where it leads. – Zach Zehnder

You are the answer to someone else’s prayer. – Sasha Berscheid

Sasha Berscheid’s challenge: 1) Drink your water. 2) Practice an attitude of gratitude.


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