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045: Joshua Brown on His Journey from a Drug Addict to a Pressure Washing Pastor, and How Business Leaders Can Do Ministry in the Marketplace Like Jesus

Joshua Brown has found that the best way for him to make disciples is by using water, literally. The Pressure Washing Pastor became not just his nickname, but his life calling. From being homeless on the streets to going through Bible college, Brown is on a mission to serve and coach others to be ministers in the marketplace.



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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks: 40 Daily Reflections on Biblical Leadership by Timothy Laniak

The Pressure Washing Pastor


Key insights from the episode:  

Joshua Brown on The Red Letter Disciple Quote

God started speaking to me through a Tupac song, “Heaven for a G.” – Joshua Brown

I gave the pastor my pot and God my heart. – Joshua Brown

Whatever you do repetitively, you’ll become an expert at it. – Joshua Brown

I didn’t need a program, I needed a person. – Joshua Brown

We have too many pastors wanting their feet washed instead of washing others’ feet. – Joshua Brown

If Jesus ran a business, he would treat people like team members, and not employees. – Joshua Brown

When a community sees people that enjoy working together and doing things, they want to be a part of it. – Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown’s Challenge: Whatever you push against the most, investigate it in the Scriptures. 


Lead yourself (and your church) to find freedom in forgiveness.  

Before we can truly bring reconciliation to others in the world, we need to be reconciled to God. Thankfully, He doesn’t withhold His grace of forgiveness from anyone of us. It’s time to receive the freedom that comes with the forgiveness of God because a forgiven person becomes a forgiving person!

We’d love to introduce you to the 40-Day Forgiving Challenge.

The Forgiving Challenge takes you on a life-changing journey to experience the gift of God’s grace so that you can share it with others. It also helps you identify and walk through the five phases leading to freedom. 

You can learn more about the challenge here!


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