Flame on Writing a Book on The Red Letter Disciple

048: Flame on Writing a Book vs. Writing a Rap Song, How Extra Nos Changed His Life, and Why Deconstruction Can’t Have the Last Word

Flame is back with a brand new book on an age-old truth. His new book, Extra Nos, tells the story of how that phrase, meaning outside of us, changed him from the inside out. His mission is to share that message of grace through the written word or song.



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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Episode 13 of Red Letter Disciple with Flame 

Concordia Publishing House

Extra Nos by FLAME

Audiobook of Extra Nos by FLAME


Key insights from the episode:  

Flame on The Red Letter Disciple

Everyone is doing theology, whether they know it or not. – FLAME

At various points in life, we all wonder, what’s up, God? Are we good? Did I do something wrong? – FLAME

At seminary, I found an expression of Christianity rooted in the ancient church. – FLAME

God adds layers of grace, peace and assurance through the sacraments. – FLAME

We’re secure in what Jesus has accomplished for us. – FLAME

We can go to the church and receive a gift each and every week. – Pastor Chris 

I get comfort from the phrase “I don’t know.” – FLAME

When I was a kid, everything was black and white. The older I get, the more gray I see. – FLAME

God has hidden himself in our hands and feet. – FLAME

You can deconstruct in a healthy way, revisiting the early saints and church. – FLAME

Flame’s Challenge of the week: Practice resting.


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