Aaron and Hannah on what Gen Z wants

051: Aaron and Hannah Barnett on What Gen Z Wants Most, Why Gen Z is Valuable to Ministry, and How Millennials Can Mentor Gen Z

Aaron and Hannah are one dynamic duo determined to change the world. They don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. The Barnett’s are walking that walk alongside anyone who has a passion for Jesus. With a heart for Gen Z, they are committed to showing others how to discover the wrong they were meant to make right.


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Key insights from the episode: 

Aaron & Hannah Barnett Quote on The Red letter Disciple

God uses the most unlikely people to bring his kingdom. – Hannah Barnett

Every generation has a strength and a shadow side. – Hannah Barnett

Gen Z is extremely action-oriented. – Hannah Barnett

Gen Z needs permission from the local church to create. – Aaron Barnett

We want to build bridges between generations. – Aaron Barnett 

Gen Z is dealing with a new world: a fast pace of life, gender confusion, racial tension, and school shootings are new for this generation. How can we be empathetic? – Zach Zehnder

There is something so powerful about being in relationship with young people. – Hannah Barnett

I’ve been deeply marked by people being authentic. – Aaron Barnett

Aaron and Hannah Barnett’s Challenge:  Invite a young leader to the table and implement one of their ideas.


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