052: Steven Robertson Technology’s Impact on Gen Z, How We Get the 8-Second Attention Span Wrong, and How Aliens Can Help Us Understand Gen Z

Steven Robertson has learned through working with youth for decades what it is that makes our youth today unique and what the church needs to do to reach them. He insists that mentoring Gen Z is easier than ever; they already have the information they want. They just crave your experience and application in a mentoring relationship. Based on his book Aliens Among Us, Robertson breaks down the ten surprising truths about Gen Z today.


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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Ender’s Game movie

Aliens Among Us: Ten Surprising Truths about Gen Z by Steven Robertson



Key insights from the episode: 

What has fueled my life is making a young person’s life better. – Steven Roberston

Technology is the reason that many generations flip. – Steven Robertson


Generations and the Technologies That Flipped Them

  • Greatest Generation (age 120-97) – Radio and telephone
  • Silent generation (age 96-77) – Electricity
  • Boomers (age 76-58)  – Microwave
  • Gen X  (age 57-43) – Personal computer
  • Millennials (age 42-28) – Internet
  • Gen Z (age 27-12) – Smartphone
  • Gen Alpha (0-12) – AI


There’s so much content vying for Gen Zers attention. They’ve learned how to filter whether something is worth their time or not within a few seconds. – Steven Robertson

When the kingdom lands, this is a generation that goes after it completely. – Steven Robertson

52% of the world’s population are under 30. – Steven Robertson

Gen Z wants to be the CEO of their life. – Steven Robertson

Gratitude is a muscle that is underdeveloped in Gen Z. – Steven Robertson

Gen Z is the only generation that is mentored by their peers. – Steven Robertson

Gen Z needs application brought to the knowledge that they are inundated with. – Steven Robertson

Information is no longer the important commodity. – Steven Robertson

A G.P.S. (Guide Position by the Side), or mentoring, is the way that produces the most fruit.  – Steven Robertson

We live in a subscription model world: access over ownership.  – Steven Robertson

Gen Z has information, but they lack understanding. – Steven

Steven Robertson’s Challenge: Get into a mentoring relationship.


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