Jimn Kyles’ passion for Gen Z on The Red Letter Disciple

053: Jimn Kyles On Raising Teens, Praying for Generation Z, and What He’s Learned from Quitting All Social Media

Nothing is more devastating than a pastor having success in the pulpit but losing at home. Jimn Kyles always thought those two went together until a crisis forced him to drop everything and return home to minister to the people he loves most: his family. As a father of four teens, Jimn Kyles’ passion for Gen Z will hit home to anyone struggling to maintain faithfulness in ministry and at home.


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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Unstuck and Unstoppable by Jimn Kyles


Pastor Jimn Kyles

21 Days of Prayer on YouVersion Bible App

Key insights from the episode: 

Jimn Kyles’ quote on The Red Letter Disciple

One thing I never want to stop is prayer. – Jimn Kyles

I realized how selfish I had been as a Dad and pastor and chose to break that chain. I want to show up for something that has nothing to do with me. – Jimn Kyles

Spiritual warfare is prayer. – Jimn Kyles

Gen Z is lost because we have been focused on ourselves. – Jimn Kyles

I want to lead from a place of weakness. – Jimn Kyles

I wonder if Gen Z is lost because we were focused on other things besides the heart of God. – Jimn Kyles

80% of our thoughts are negative, 90% are repetitive. – Jimn Kyles

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