The Red Letter Disciple Episode 55

055: Gloria Umanah on the Suicide Epidemic in America, The Role of Christians in Mental Health, and How a Little Bit of Hope Can Change the World

The discussion on mental health is not new, but when you look at both suicide and suicide attempts, it is a problem the church needs to address. Gloria Umanah brings hope one word at a time, whether through her spoken word, The Hope Booth Initiative, or through bolstering the creativity of others.


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Resources mentioned in the episode: 


The Hope Booth

The Ex-Nihilo Collective 

Key insights from the episode: 

Gloria Umanah Quote on The Red Letter Disciple

People who are suicidal do not want to take their lives, but they feel it’s their only option. – Gloria Umanah

The idea that because we have Jesus, we will not struggle does not line up with the reality of Scripture. – Gloria Umanah

Suicide, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation are no respecter of man. – Gloria Umanah

It’s one thing to hear you are not alone but another to see you are not alone. – Gloria Umanah

God just doesn’t just see you, but he stays. – Gloria Umanah

1.2 million people attempt suicide every year. – Gloria Umanah

The average homeless person goes 3-6 months without being looked in the eye. – Gloria Umanah

If we learn to use more preventative approaches, we don’t have to be so reactive. – Gloria Umanah

Gloria Umanah’s Challenge: Look up, look out, and see others today. 

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