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056: Andre Steven Anderson on Why He Launched Barbecue Church, How BBQ Can Bring People to Jesus, and His Opinion on Traeger Pellet Smokers

Andre Steven Anderson wants to bring people together around the table and share Jesus. He has seen God move in the space of BBQing. In 2020, he started The Barbecue Church. Discipleship is not limited to the pastor, it is a walk of life for every believer.



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Resources mentioned in the episode:

Pastor Andre Steven Anderson

Barbecue Church Sermons YouTube


Key insights from the episode: 

Andre Anderson Quote for The Red Letter Disciple

In discipleship, you have to run low and slow. – Andre Anderson

The Great Commission does not apply to just me, the pastor. – Andre Anderson

You Can Eat With Us, the Barbecue Church – Andre Anderson

If we are not feeding people biblically, spiritually, and literally, then what are we doing? – Andre Anderson

God freakin’ did it. – Andre Anderson

In discipleship, our job is to point people to Jesus. – Andre Anderson

Andre Anderson’s Challenge: Really pray and listen to God.

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