Vance Roush on unlocking generosity

068: Vance Roush on Pastoring in Silicon Valley, Unlocking Generosity, and Why the World Belongs to the Optimists

Vance Roush is the founder and CEO of Overflow and is on a mission to inspire the world to give. Overflow unlocks generosity by easily empowering nonprofits, churches, and corporations to accept non-cash donations, like stocks and crypto. He is also pastor of VIVE Church and author of the bestselling book “High Growth Fundraising the Silicon Valley Way.”     Today’s episode is brought to you by Children’s HopeChest. Pastors and church leaders, if you are looking to make an impact on the global scale, you have to check out this amazing organization that is close to my family’s heart! Their approach to mission work is the “helping without hurting” model that I know as a pastor I looked for a very long time to find. Plus, their transparency is downright impressive. In my mind, they check all the right boxes. So, church leaders, pastors, if you’ve been wondering what to do globally, this is the organization for you to check out. You can visit to learn more about this incredible organization and be part of the global movement that’s changing lives!

Resources mentioned in the episode: 

High-Growth Fundraising the Silicon Valley Way: Unlocking Stock, Crypto, and More for Your Non-Profit, Church, or School by Vance Roush The Science of Generosity Study from UC Berkeley Vance Roush Instagram Vive Church, Silicon Valley Vance Roush Webinar for Red Letter: Increasing Generosity in Your Church

Key insights from the episode: 

Vance Roush Quote on The Red Letter Disciple The Bible has some of the deepest first principle truths.- Vance Roush Science is catching up to thousands of years of Biblical truths. – Vance Roush The world belongs to the optimists. – Vance Roush The tithe is not a subscription fee to the church; it’s a submission of finances to God. – Vance Roush The top ten percent hold their wealth not in their checking and savings but in their investment accounts. – Vance Roush If Taylor Swift can do it [using production in her shows], then the church can do it. – Vance Roush Automate your obedience. – Vance Roush The tithe is about God sharing opportunities with you. – Vance Roush The average financial gift in America is $128. The average gift through Overflow is $12,000. – Vance Roush Vance Roush’s Challenge: Think bigger and write it down. Do something so great that you have to invite God into the process. Make a Global Impact that Transforms Your Church Find out more about Children’s HopeChest and how partnering with this organization can not only change the lives of children across the world, but also transform your church as well. We highly recommend Children’s HopeChest and love the work that they do!

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