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073: Michael Koulianos Breaks Down Misconceptions of Healing, The Mystery in a Healing Service, and Why Pastors Have to Be Willing to Be Embarrassed

Michael Koulianos lives in Orlando, FL, and leads Jesus Image, Jesus Image Church, Jesus School, House of Bethany: Worship Academy, and Jesus School Online. Millions have been impacted worldwide by the preaching of the pure Gospel and the desire for the presence of Jesus.  He has a powerful healing ministry and absolutely loves Jesus.


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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Jesus Image Church

The Jesus Book: Fall Recklessly in Love with Jesus by Michael Koulianos

Jesus School

Key insights from the episode: 

Michael Koulianos Quote on The Red Letter Disciple

The Scripture must be the ultimate and supreme authority of Jesus. – Michael Koulianos  

Jesus is God the Father’s only sermon. – Michael Koulianos  

Healing is a matter of God’s nature. – Michael Koulianos  

Jesus is the perfect doctrine. – Michael Koulianos 

If healing is not for today, then what else about Jesus has changed? – Michael Koulianos  

In the midst of healing, there’s a mystery. – Michael Koulianos  

A spiritual formation occurs if you are willing to be embarrassed before men to be obedient to God.  – Michael Koulianos 

“I love people most when I love Jesus most. I love people best when I love Jesus best.” – Michael Koulianos  

Michael Koulianos’s Challenge: Consume the word of God. (Go into your room, close the door, and pray the scriptures daily, if not twice a day.)

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