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074: Gregory Baumer on How God Taught Him Generosity at Harvard, Plus the One Question Every Disciple Should Ask about Money

While taking a course at Harvard Divinity School, Greg Baumer’s world was turned upside-down. He discovered that when it comes to money, God wants something for us, not from us. Since that time, Greg has become convinced that God offers a unique joy to those who choose to live generously. As he explored the words of Jesus around generosity, he believes every disciple of Jesus should ask the question, “How much do I need to keep?”


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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Generous Giving 

True Riches by Gregory Baumer and John Cortines

God and Money by Gregory Baumer and John Cortines

The Bible Project Story: God and Money

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Key insights from the episode: 

Key insights from the episode: 

The point is, do I believe all I have belongs to God? – Greg Baumer

In a culture where our most pervasive sin is materialism, we’ve lowered the bar on what good stewardship looks like. – Greg Baumer

The question every disciple of Jesus should ask: “How much of God’s money do I need to keep for myself? – Greg Baumer

The best teaching on generosity is not on what we should do but rather on what [God] has done. – Greg Baumer

Almost all of Jesus’s teachings on money are warnings. – Greg Baumer

Most elder board members at church are wealthy people. – Greg Baumer

It’s critical that we, as Christ’s followers, understand why God asks us to give. If we don’t know why, the tactics don’t matter.  – Greg Baumer

The three most frequent causes Jesus said to give money to are 1) to the poor, 2) to spread the gospel, and 3) to build the local church. – Greg Baumer

Greg Baumer’s Challenge: Give generously according to the cause God has uniquely designed for you. 

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