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075: Greg Finke on Family Discipleship, How to Live As A Missionary, and How Jesus Messes with Him

Greg Finke spent 22 years growing churches in Michigan and Texas before he founded Dwelling 1:14 in 2011. Since then, Greg Finke and Dwelling 1:14 have helped thousands of people live more like Jesus. He’s the author of the books “Joining Jesus on His Mission” and “Joining Jesus As a Family.” He’s here to help us today become greater disciples of Jesus. To learn more about the podcast or access the show notes, visit


Today’s episode is brought to you by Dwelling 1:14. Led by Pastor Greg Finke, Dwelling 1:14 is a discipleship organization that comes alongside pastors and leaders to help them intentionally disciple their people. Greg has worked with hundreds of churches and tens of thousands of people. He has developed a year-long training process that helps your church produce greater disciples in their everyday lives. He’s an experienced practitioner and mentor, and he’s ready to help your church. You can contact him and learn more about this year-long process here. 

Additionally, on May 16th, from Noon-1 PM Central, I’ll be hosting Greg Finke for a church leaders webinar called Creating a Discipleship Plan for Your Church that Transforms Lives. You can register for free by clicking here or the image below.

Red Letter Leaders Monthly Webinar - Walking with Jesus Creating a Discipleship Plan for Your Church that Transforms Lives

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to Be an Everyday Missionary by Greg Finke

Joining Jesus—Show Me How: How to Disciple Everyday Missionaries by Greg Finke

Missional Year-Long Training Process for Churches

Key insights from the episode: 

How has Jesus been messing with you lately? – Rev. Greg Finke

Being a disciple of Jesus starts with Jesus. – Rev. Greg Finke

Discipleship is about training. – Rev. Greg Finke

If I’m full of myself, God can love me, but he can’t do much through me. – Rev. Greg Finke

You can’t go back to the beginning, but you can change the end of the story. – Rev. Greg Finke

Love doesn’t work every single time, but it’s the only thing that works. – Greg Finke

I never had a dinner without a sinner because I am a sinner. – Zach Zehnder

Discipleship is not scholarship; it’s all about relationships.  – Greg Finke

Greg Finke’s Challenge: How can you be a reason something good happens to someone in your life?

Are you following Jesus? 

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