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076: Les Beauchamp on Escaping Mormonism, Why He Got a Tattoo Sleeve in His 50s, and How He Overcame an Affair with His Church

Les Beauchamp served as the Lead Pastor of Lifegate Church for three decades and is now the pastor of leadership development. He’s a passionate Jesus follower who has worked diligently in the city of Omaha over the past couple of decades to see more people come to Jesus. Through his past with Mormonism, he realized that Christianity is the only answer. To learn more about the podcast or access the show notes, visit www.redletterpodcast.com.


Today’s episode partner is FiveTwo. The FiveTwo team has grown healthy churches for over thirty years. They understand how to grow churches in a rapidly changing culture without burning out staff and lay leaders. 

Every major church denomination in the U.S. has experienced a decline since the 1960s, a trend the pandemic didn’t initiate but rather accelerated. What are we, as people who love the local church, to do about this reality?

FiveTwo has spent the last four years identifying the four key cultural trends thriving churches address. And they’ve helped countless churches actually address these trends and THRIVE. They’ve put all their learnings along with case studies into a free resource which you can download at fivetwo.com today. Discover how well your congregation is managing these forces and what you can do to grow. 

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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Brand New: Living as God’s New Creation by Les Beauchamp

Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans

Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives by Richard A. Swenson

Movie Click with Adam Sandler 

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

Lectio365 app

Key insights from the episode: 

Most people who get married are woefully unprepared to get married. – Les Beauchamp

Marriage is the promise of a future love. – Les Beauchamp

Love is a choice. – Les Beauchamp

When you get married, you are saying no to your singleness. – Les Beauchamp

Take three minutes to show your spouse you love them. – Les Beauchamp

No matter how you feel or what happens, never give up on your marriage. – Les Beauchamp

A lot of people equate God with the church, and he is not the church. – Les Beauchamp

God has given us the gift of Sabbath to declare, “God, I know you’ve got it.” – Les Beauchamp

The church does not have a good theology of suffering. – Les Beauchamp

We believe that if you suffer, it’s because you sin. – Les Beauchamp

Les Beauchamp’s Challenge: Download the Lectio365 app. 

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